EconomyThe regulated tariff will increase by 5% in August,...

The regulated tariff will increase by 5% in August, announces the regulator


Bad news for French households. The regulated sales tariff (TRV) of natural gas sold by Engie will increase by 5.3% on August 1, after an increase of nearly 10% in July, the regulator announced on Tuesday.

“This increase is 1.6% for customers who use gas for cooking, 3.3% for those who have dual use, cooking and hot water, and 5.5% for homes that heat themselves. gas ”, details the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) in a press release. The price of gas has increased in recent months due to the economic recovery, especially in Asia where demand and prices are very high.

Low temperatures and maintenance operations

Other factors are mentioned by CRE, such as the strong demand for gas for European storage facilities, which are in great demand because of the temperatures that remained low until spring, but also maintenance operations in the North Sea and the increase in gas consumption for electricity production.

“Since January 1, 2019, the regulated tariffs for the sale of gas tax-free at Engie have increased by 6.5%”, also notes the CRE. They had indeed fallen a lot at the start of the health crisis and until July 2020. Regulated tariffs must disappear on July 1, 2023, but around 3.1 million French households still benefited from contracts of this type at the end of June, according to the French law. CRE.



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