EconomyAbolition of the tax, price shield... Finally approved the...

Abolition of the tax, price shield… Finally approved the second part of the bill on purchasing power


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For the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire, it is “a political victory” Y “the demonstration that we are advancing”… but sometimes with pain. Purchasing power was a key issue in the presidential campaign and constituted the first big piece of the mandate, in the form of a test of the “new method” of the executive, deprived of the absolute majority in the Palais Bourbon and which becomes the right to fill the voices.

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After a first part validated on Wednesday that included 20,000 million euros of spending, it was time to put the revised budget project for 2022 and its new batch of measures to deal with inflation to a final vote. The National Assembly approved it by 292 votes in favor, 120 against and 98 abstentions.

In addition to the majority, the majority of the LR deputies voted in favor, proclaiming themselves “the only useful opposition to the French”. RN elected officials abstained, arguing that they did not want “prevent” Few “advanced” litters

A call from the left

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The left, which is going to present an appeal before the Constitutional Council, voted against, after a last position of the socialists through a final motion of rejection against the “crumbs” proposed. In reference to the abolition of privileges on the night of August 4, 1789, the head of the LFI group Mathilde Panot denounced on this anniversary date the “regeneration of a caste society”.

During this last session, once again stormy at the Palais Bourbon, the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal criticized a “unfortunate drift of a certain left taken to the extreme”who “It has noise by method and fiscal hell by project.”

Later, in the Senate dominated by the right, in a calmer atmosphere, the revised budget project was voted by 233 votes against 97. The left united against a text resulting from “an agreement” with LR that “will undermine the interests of the working classes.” The bill opens 44 billion euros in credits, including 9.7 to finance the renationalization of 100% of EDF.

Revaluation of officials, abolition of the quota, energy tariff shield

The revaluation of the civil servants’ index point, the abolition of the audiovisual canon, the continuation of the tariff shield on energy and the reduction of fuel with 30 cents per liter in September-October then November 10-December are scheduled.

During the debates, some 500 million euros of expenses were added. Common ground was found between the presidential majority and the right on Wednesday night in a joint committee. The controversial monetization of RTT will finally be possible until the end of 2025.

“end of 35 hours”

In the eyes of LR MP Véronique Louwagie, “it is the return of working more to earn more”a slogan of Nicolas Sarkozy.

For Senator LR Vincent Segouin, it is “definitely record the end of the 35 hours” between this employee RTT purchase and the tax-exempt overtime that will be made permanent.

As for the exceptional back-to-school bonus, which the Senate wanted to reserve for low-income workers, a compromise was reached there, too. The bonus will be paid to the beneficiaries of social minimums, and those who receive the activity bonus will have an additional payment.

The head of the senators LR Bruno Retailleau had demanded the maintenance of another addition to the Senate, on the establishment of a Vitale biometric card. This was the case, to fight fraud.

No superprofit tax

But there will be no taxes on “super profits” large groups, as demanded by the left, the extreme right and certain centrists. Bruno Le Maire emphasized his opposition to the “Pavlovian reflection of the tax”.

The idea of ​​a supertax, already applied in Great Britain or Italy, and demanded by the Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres, had been revived by the net profit obtained by TotalEnergies in the second quarter, which more than doubled, up to 5 .7 dollars. billion. The debate should resurface in the fall.

The first part in favor of purchasing power, which had obtained the green light from Parliament on Wednesday, includes tripling the top of the Macron bonus that businessmen can pay, the 4% increase in pensions and various supplements, as well as the “deconjugalization “of the allowance of disabled adult – he added in a rare moment of consensus in the Assembly.


“It is the daily life of many fellow citizens that will improve”Emmanuel Macron applauded. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, who tweeted even before the final vote, celebrated, in a statement sent to AFP, having, “proved that the compromise, requested by the French, was possible and accessible”.

These last elections this Thursday mark the work stoppage until the start of the school year. There will be no special session in September for the first time in twenty years, an illustration of the desire to better prepare upstream texts.


Author: AFP

Source: Nice Matin

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