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Black Friday: call to strike on Worldline, possible disruptions in payments


The day was not chosen by chance. Unions at payment company Worldline backed their call for a new strike day on Friday, Black Friday Day, to demand higher wages.

Condemning management’s decision to stop wage discussions after the last day of the strike on Nov. 8, the inter-union, made up of CFDT, CFTC, CFE-CGC, FO and CGT, decided to move on. The leadership, for its part, believes that it was the call to continue the strike that “put an end to the negotiations.”

“Initially, we opted for short strikes throughout the day with no technical impact on customer service,” underlines a press release from the inter-union, which demanded a gross €175 per month surcharge (i.e. a total of €2,275 for 13 months) and a budget of 5% of the payroll for individual raises.

What are the consequences of a strike?

This time, by deciding to go on strike on Friday, the impact could be more pronounced given the expected explosive growth in transactions. Thus, in the case of strong mobilization, faults could not be quickly eliminated, which led to a deterioration in the quality of service. “Without a proper management response, this strike will be restarted next Monday, Cyber ​​Monday, as well as very high payment activity,” the union has already warned.

In addition to the November 8 strike, unions have already called for four half-day strikes on September 6, 13, 20 and October 4. Mandatory Annual Negotiations (NAO) held in the process prevented the company and the unions from reaching an agreement, the group citing “the current very uncertain macroeconomic context” to justify the failure to respond to union demands. This is the first strike at the company in 12 years.

Source: Le Parisien



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