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Energy Crisis: Electricity consumption continued to decline last week


The downward trend in electricity consumption in France continues, with a 5.8% decline last week compared to the average for previous years (2014-2019), according to data released on Tuesday by RTE, the French transmission network operator.

This decrease is slightly larger than the previous week, when electricity consumption fell by 5.4% in one week, allowing the fall over the past four weeks to remain at an average of -6.5% compared to the 2014-2019 period. “The effect of the decline is still at a level close to that observed in the month of October,” notes RTE.

According to the network operator, the drop “is mainly concentrated in the industrial sector in the context of rising energy prices.” “There is a downward effect in the residential and tertiary sector,” emphasizes RTE, “but it has decreased and is more difficult to characterize in detail over the past few weeks (presence of school and public holidays). “Percentage-wise, the bearish effect could lessen over the next few weeks if it is mainly seen in sectors that are insensitive or weakly sensitive to heat, such as industry,” the company warns.

Tension Risks in January

In the context of the energy crisis, RTE organized a weekly monitoring of electricity consumption on the French mainland. The published figures were “in line with normal temperatures for this period” and are independent of the exceptionally moderate values ​​recorded in France in October and November.

RTE said Friday it was confident the network would hold out until the end of the year, but predicted higher risks of tension in January due to a slower-than-expected restart of EDF’s nuclear reactors.

On Tuesday, 90 local authorities announced their intention to consume less electricity, especially in case of heavy load on the electrical system. The government’s sobriety plan, unveiled on October 6, calls for a 10% reduction in energy consumption over the next two years in France compared to 2019 and 40% by 2050.

Source: Le Parisien



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