EconomyProfessions that attract: HVAC engineers have everything to seduce

Professions that attract: HVAC engineers have everything to seduce


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We keep talking about energy, waste management, heat… In homes and buildings, ambient temperature has become a central topic. How to keep warm in winter and cool off in summer? And all this, of course, without the explosion of the electricity meter and bills, but also with thoughts about the planet. Difficult equation to solve.

“The HVAC sector represents about 30,000 jobs in France,” says Eric Baudry, administrator of the French Association of Heat Pumps (AFPAC). There is a whole part of research and development, production, installation, maintenance, renovation of old and new, individual or collective housing. It is currently a booming sector with many oil or gas boilers being replaced. We are at the center of a low-carbon strategy. »

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“In our professions, you have jobs that are well paid and local. It allows you to invest and live well close to home, Meriadek Olanier, general delegate of the GCCP (an alliance of climate and plumbing design companies) abounds. Our missions are related to the energy transition, ecology and digital technologies. And young people also want to join us, because they know that they will work for the good of the future world, for the good of all. »

We are looking for 45,000 technicians

Thus, the number of jobs in this heat pump sector has increased by 2.5 times over the past ten years. By 2027, 45,000 skilled workers will be needed to meet the needs of the market. To achieve this goal, all means are good: student learning centers, an undergraduate degree in renewable energy, BTS, and even an engineering degree.

“We have big needs and it is urgent,” the AFPAC specialist continues to say. Heat pump training is at least three years, but plumbers and heating engineers can also receive training and retraining. There is a real movement around our professions, because there is an awareness of the need to reduce energy consumption. It can also result in a 40% reduction in heating and hot water bills. »

This method of heat pumps is increasingly being used in the construction of residential buildings, as well as professional premises such as company headquarters or in hotel projects, without forgetting the entire renovation part. As a result, attractive salaries. Consider €2200 gross per month for a novice installer and up to €3800 for someone with solid experience or who has set it up on their own. Moreover, the Muller-Intuis group, where Eric Baudry works, has numerous job offers (53) and at all skill levels.

“Start at the bottom of the stairs and end with the boss”

Since the Covid shock, there has been an incredible growth in this sector, around 20%. “We recruit for everything related to heating, with the digitization of devices. The field is huge, not to mention professions related to windows, roof repairs, roofing or plumbing,” Meriadek Olanier says enthusiastically. And to continue: “There are offers for everyone, everywhere and very often an apprenticeship is a great way to enter this profession, because there is a real transfer of knowledge from one generation to another. »

An opinion shared by Benoît Eloir, CFA consultant Maximilian Perret in Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne): “The list of climate engineering professions continues to grow, and heat pumps are also evolving, working together with other systems. »

Hugues Haentjens, Project Manager of Uniclima (a trade union for heat, air and refrigeration manufacturers), concludes: “Of course, we still need to work on our image in order to become more known, because from design to production, including installation and maintenance, we have many offers, thousands of offers. We are one of the rare professions where you can start at the bottom of the ladder and eventually become the boss of your company. »

He’s recruiting: Carrier is looking for 80 people

Justine Poussard, HR Director for Carrier France (53,000 employees worldwide), is constantly recruiting to meet customer needs. “We are looking for engineers for our plants, as well as other R&D and marketing people, sales representatives and of course refrigeration technicians,” she says. Because we are builders, our technicians can have real technical knowledge, learn from experts and become one themselves during interventions. »

All salaries are paid within 13 months at Carrier. A refrigeration technician costs from 30,000 euros gross per year (40,000 for an experienced specialist). Novice engineers receive 35,000 euros per year (50,000 for those with experience), an activity manager earns 45,000 euros per year (up to 55,000 euros later). Finally, sellers receive 45,000 euros (60,000 euros for the most experienced).

“With us you can make a career,” says Justine Poussard. Several of our leaders prove it. Thus, there are many transitions from technology to management, marketing and so on. The possibilities are endless. »



The HVAC Technician (Climate Service Technician, HVAC Technician) studies and is trained at the CIDJ site. com; Bac pro ICCER – installer of heating, air conditioning and renewable energy systems, still on the CIDJ site. com; climate engineering professions on the Greta website.

Source: Le Parisien

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