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Pensions: Energy CGT threatens to ‘crack down’ on elected reform supporters

The CGT Federation of Mines and Energy (FNME-CGT) is considering targeted cuts to elected officials who will support pension reform, its general secretary, Sebastian Menesplie, told reporters on Monday.

“We will see those who want reform, who support it, we will take care of them. We’re going to see them in their offices, we’re going to talk to them, and then if they don’t happen to understand the world of work, we’re going to target them with cuts that we can arrange,” he said. during a meeting at the headquarters of the CGT in Montreuil (Saint-Saint-Denis). “We will be vigilant not to cause collateral damage, the goal is not to alienate users,” he said.

“Battle Plan” CGT Mines-Energie

On Friday, CGT Mines-Energie unveiled a “battle plan” to achieve a “clean and simple waiver” of a government project that would lower the statutory retirement age from 62 to 64. This plan provides for “the restoration of the working tool in all its forms”: “the restoration of electricity and gas to the most unreliable, free energy, targeted cuts, cuts in production”…

The union is calling for a renewed strike from January 19 to “really disrupt the work or damage the economy” of companies, Sebastian Meneplier said.

In the event of a strike “do not restart the reactors”

The strike can also affect the restart of some nuclear reactors: “If there are strikes, there will be no restart of the reactors. If there are no restarts of the reactor, there may be a shortage of production capacity. (…) We will fully consider how we did it this fall. And we’ll wait for someone to pick us up.”

CGT Mines-Energie wants to coordinate its efforts with other federations and last week there was a meeting with CGT des Ports et Docks, FNIC (Chemistry) and the railroad. Another meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.

The CGT oil industry unions went on strike last week for several days with a work stoppage of 24 hours on January 19, 48 hours on the 26th and 72 hours from February 6, which is of “interest” to CGT Mines-Energie.

Source: Le Parisien

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