EconomyHow to choose an insurance?

How to choose an insurance?


More than 12 million schoolchildren, college and high school students return to school every year. And for their parents each time the question of insurance arises. A cover that tends to turn into a puzzle. How to see clearly?

Indispensable protection

First of all, remember that school insurance is not always compulsory. For everything concerning the strictly school lessons and outings provided for in the program, it is indeed the establishments that are responsible. This private coverage is therefore optional. Conversely, it is essential to cover incidents that could occur in the context of extracurricular activities, cultural outings and optional green classes, as well as for children who have lunch in the canteen. In other words: it is very difficult to do without.

This type of cover is all the more essential since it includes not only a civil liability cover (compensating for damage caused to a third party) but also an individual accident cover, which protects the pupil when he is himself injured, in in particular taking care of their health care costs.

Assess your needs

Be careful before signing the first contract, because the scope varies from one offer to another. First, it is important to determine if you need coverage limited to school and home-school trips – from around ten euros per year – or if you want to include all outings. and extracurricular activities for your child, including during weekends and holidays (formula offered between 30 and 40 euros per year).

In addition, various options can make this insurance more complete. If your child needs glasses or carries an expensive musical instrument, you would for example be well advised to take out a plan that includes the theft and breakage of personal effects during an accident or an assault in the frame. school. Likewise, many contracts set up an assistance service allowing a sick student to continue their education at a distance. Intervening more and more on the register of school bullying and cyberbullying, insurers can also offer psychological support, a legal assistance service on e-reputation, or even an amicable intervention with web platforms to remove contentious content. .

An essential comparison

Many players now offer school insurance offers. The heavyweights of the sector, MAE (supported by the association of parents of students of the FCPE) and MMA (partner of the PEEP association) have long been in competition with other traditional insurance companies. And in recent years, we must add the « pure players » banks and distributors who came to cut prices.

When it comes time to choose, a comparison is essential. Beyond the price, see the details of the guarantees, as well as the exclusions and deductibles. How much medical expenses are reimbursed? Is the intervention of the emergency services covered? Are there any risky sports excluded? All these questions will help you find the most suitable school insurance.

Sort through your contracts

Before taking out school insurance, first find out from your insurer about the scope of your coverage. In fact, most comprehensive home insurance plans already include civil liability coverage for the whole family. As for the accident of life guarantee, it can be already provided for in your insurance package or added through a possibly more advantageous option.



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