EconomyInvited to this profession: CTO, he is the guarantor...

Invited to this profession: CTO, he is the guarantor of the technical innovation of the company


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The salary is attractive, from 70,000 to 250,000 euros gross per year. Missions are always different and full of surprises. However, positions of CIOs or CTOs – the two nomenclatures coexist and can be summarized by the English acronym CTO (Chief Technology Officer) – are a rare commodity today. Especially if the company wants to hire a woman for this strategic function.

Sylvie Roche, president of the Infrastructure and Production Managers’ Club (CRIP), is doing her best to lure young women into the network of “her” profession. “CTOs are technical architects. They create computer networks, clouds and are essential. It is thanks to them that everything works in the company, she explains, in order to prepare the ground for her work. However, out of CRIP’s 13,000 members, only 4% are maintenance women! »

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A disaster for the leader and in general for the profession striving for feminization. “This year 2023, we are asking all CTOs to complete a Grade 3 Young Girls Internship to introduce them to our work in IT. This is vital! We noticed that although they are better at mathematics and science, they forbid themselves from this path due to prejudice against technical professions. We have to break this geek image associated with his hoodie. We must evangelize the women’s community. »

Know how to manage surprises

If you need to have an engineering degree in your pocket and a few years of experience before applying for the position of IT Operations Manager, the latter will be one of the important cogs in the development of your company. He turns strategic decisions into music, ensuring that teams, employees and customers benefit from the best solutions and that any issues can be resolved quickly.

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Nicole Granjon, PMU Technical Director, likes the last point: “Our customers need to have access to race information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When an incident happens, I’m like Samu’s manager. I have to determine if this is a minor ailment, something serious, or absolutely urgent. Having perspective and keeping a cool head are two of the most important qualities.”

“This is exciting work,” says Sebastian Marl, CRIP, Matmut’s CTO. He is responsible for 220 employees. “We guide operational selection, play an important role in management, and also select equipment. We also look for technology innovation and participate in big data trade shows, CES Las Vegas, think tanks, and meet vendors. It’s profitable and versatile. »

Cybersecurity is an important part of the job, even if it doesn’t take up most of the time. Sebastien Marl is also fighting to attract candidates: “We have 11% women on our technical teams, this is too little. We try our best, but most of the vacancies do not even receive resumes. It will take another 15 years to achieve parity, assuming that engineering universities start enrolling now. »

Source: Le Parisien

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