EconomyWork-study/CFA: when companies teach

Work-study/CFA: when companies teach


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For those targeting a specific professional area, do you know corporate CFAs? On paper, this system is not new; in fact, it has mainly developed after 2018 and the vocational education reform. To date, more than 80 companies have taken the plunge.

How it works ?

Integrating such a structure is tantamount to killing two birds with one stone by subscribing to its training at the same time as fulfilling its mission. All this while receiving certificates or diplomas identical to traditional education certificates. The theoretical part will take place in the premises of the institution or partner. As for the practical part, it will, of course, be held on the spot.

students preparing to receive a diploma higher than a bachelor’s degree
Ministry of Labor, 2022
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For the trainee, there are two benefits: the guarantee of a work and study program that truly matches their training, and realistic job prospects. But nothing prevents you from being recruited elsewhere.

Create accurate profiles

“Having your own CFA is definitely a way to meet skill needs,” confirms Fabien Lagriffoule, director of training and development at EDF, which has three training divisions. Admittedly, the group is already a major recruiter of interns for work and study through traditional channels, with 6,500 assignments currently underway. The centers allow more specific needs to be met, especially in technical professions. “For example, there was no bachelor’s degree + 2 in the operation of technicians at nuclear power plants. We created it, ”illustrate the director of training.

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All corporate CFAs are organized into large groups, and only they are able to manage the system from start to finish. One example is Orange, which launched four training courses in 2020 (cybersecurity, data analysis, etc.). Or even Saint-Gobain and Schneider Electric, which opened industrial service and logistics classes for the former, connected buildings and smart energy management for the latter.

The promise of employment

Derichebourg, which has 42,900 employees in sectors as diverse as the environment, urban services and aeronautics, also struggles with certain skills. “We define 826 different fields of knowledge. Suffice it to say that some of them are very hard to find,” admits Malika Bushekhiua, HRD of the company’s multiservice branch. In June next year, a training center will be opened, which will be located at two sites (Créteil, Val-de-Marne and Toulouse, Haute-Garonne). This year, 200 students are expected here, and by 2025 it is planned to reach 3,000 young people.

“Having our CFA will allow us to convey our technicalities, but even more our spirit and our values,” she says with satisfaction. And to add that “to provide lessons that we do not control ourselves” (management, HR, etc.), the group surrounded itself with partners (Galileo, IGS group schools, Montpellier BS).

The first apprentices will receive recognized certifications at the Bachelor+2 (Maintenance Technician, Recruitment) or Bachelor+3 (Local Manager) level. With a quasi-promise to be hired “if all goes well,” assures Malika Bushekhiua, who summarizes the corporate CFA process as follows: “It’s a bit like signing up for a future job. »

Source: Le Parisien

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