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More than 258,000 workers and 18,900 self-employed in the Community have received some social benefit in the last month

86% of the working people in the Community affected by an ERTE since the beginning of the pandemic have entered the labor market

A total of 258,268 workers and 18,395 self-employed in the Valencian Community have received some type of social benefit in the last month. Furthermore, according to the latest data sent to the Government Delegation, since the beginning of the crisis, 191,256 self-employed have received benefits.

Of these, 172,591 correspond to the extraordinary ones due to cessation of activity in force until June 30. From this date to October 31, a total of 18,935 freelancers have received some benefit compatible with the activity, including seasonal freelancers, the Government Delegation reported in a statement.

On the other hand, 86% of the working people in the Community affected by an ERTE since the beginning of the pandemic have entered the labor market. Thus, of the 394,634 affected as of April 30, the worst moment of the crisis in the whole of Spain, there were 47,545 workers in ERTE as of October 31. These data do not include the ERTE figure of RD 30/2020 of September 30, 2020.

Similarly, in September, a total of 258,268 Valencian workers received some type of social benefit from the SEPE, for a total amount of 264.6 million euros. Of these, 106,844 were workers covered by an ERTE, representing a total of 55.6 million euros. Since April, accumulated spending on social benefits has amounted to 2,394 million euros, of which 921.8 correspond to ERTES, 1,370.7 million more than in the same period as last year.

Regarding ICO guarantees, as of October 31, in the Valencian Community, 93,547 operations have been approved, affecting 59,298 companies, for a guaranteed amount of 8,296 million euros, 10.3% of the total and a total financing of 10,762 million.

The Valencian autonomy has already received a total of 663.8 million euros from Covid-19 funds, non-reimbursable and “following objective and quantifiable criteria related to the impact of the pandemic.” Likewise, the Valencian Community is entitled to 30 million euros from the extraordinary Social Fund, 10% of the total, to minimize the social impact of the crisis.

With these funds, the autonomy has provided 2.3 million dining room scholarships and the moratorium for the payment of rents has been extended until January 31, 2021. In addition, it will be able to allocate 203 million euros to health spending the Feder Funds, 6.4% of the national total.

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