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Price of the dollar in Peru: find out the exchange rate for today, Thursday, February 23

Know in this note the dollar price and the exchange rate in Peru today, Thursday, February 23, 2023. According to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, the US currency closed yesterday (Wednesday 22) with a value of S/3.8090.

According to the BCR, the dollar closed on the previous market day of February 22 with a value of S/3,8090, a lower price than the price of February 21, where the value of the green ticket closed at S/3,8320.

The average price of the dollar on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, went from S/ 3.83 to S/ 3.80 at the interbank level, according to the BCR.

On the other hand, exchange houses and agencies present the buying and selling exchange rate in S/. 3.80 and S/. 3.84, respectively; according to the portal

So far in 2023, the US currency accumulates 0.05% compared to the last price of 2022, at S/3.807.

The current price of the US dollar in Peru will be maintained until the beginning of the next exchange market that will begin at 09:00 am the next day.

Source: Elcomercio