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Fuel prices: those places where petrol and diesel already exceed 1.99 euros per litre.

Not a new rebate at the pump, but a cap. The price of a liter of diesel and unleaded petrol 95 will not exceed 1.99 euros at all Total filling stations in the country, the head of the group said on Wednesday. The measure will come into force on Saturday on motorways and from March 1 throughout France. However, this ceiling is already a sweet dream in several territories. Based on data published by the Ministry of Economy, Le Parisien lists places where gasoline already pays more than 1.99 euros per liter.

Among more than 1,200 inter-municipalities on the French mainland, 80 this Thursday – or in the past seven days – the price per liter of unleaded petrol 95 (SP-95) exceeded or equaled 1.99 euros. There are 36 for 95-E10 unleaded gasoline. Entry? An average of 2.33 euros per liter of SP-95 in Belle-Ile-en-Mer (Morbihan). This is not accidental: here the fuel is delivered by one tanker. A very expensive device, which is clearly reflected in the price of the pump, which affects 5,000 residents a year and 450,000 tourists every summer.

In fact, there is no “map” for pumps worth more than two euros per liter. The E10 sells for €2.16 at Pays d’Urfé (Loire), €2.12 at Highlands of Aubrac (Lozère) and Heart of Maurienne Arvan (Savoie). On a larger scale, there are two departments with SP-95 prices above €2: Paris leads the way with €2.09 per litre; and Tarn for 2.01 euros. For the E10, only Paris is currently above €2, with a price per liter of €2.04.

Expensive diesel less common

As for diesel, in 10 intercommunal apartments the price per liter is higher than 1.99 euros. The “record” is awarded to the Pays d’Urfé in the Loire, where it is sold at a gas station for an average of 2.11 euros. Here again several areas are affected: it is displayed at 2.08 euros in the Hautes-lands de l’Aubrac (Lozère), 2.05 euros in Lotresois and the Pays d’Agout (Tarn) and in the Community of Municipalities of Serines (Yonne). . Paris is currently the only department where the cost of diesel fuel exceeds 1.99 euros: there it is sold for 2 euros, if we take the average of all pumps.

The €1.99 limit (only Total stations at the moment) may be less stressful for many French people. The price of unleaded 95 is higher than 1.95 euros in 218 intermunicipal bodies, E10 in 83 and diesel in 22. This gesture is all the more welcome because of the 210 Total stations selling SP-95 in our database, the average price per liter is 1.997 euros ( 1.96 euros per liter E10 per 1000 fillings). Making Total the most expensive pump among the most popular brands.

Source: Le Parisien

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