EconomyThe sector expects to sell "300 million bottles" in...

The sector expects to sell “300 million bottles” in 2021


Between the closures of bars and restaurants but also travel restrictions, the health crisis linked to Covid-19 has hit champagne producers hard. But in 2021, the general union of winegrowers expects to sell “300 million bottles”, according to its president Maxime Toubart, quoted by BFM TV. This would represent a turnover of five billion euros, or as much as in 2019, before the crisis.

According to the players in this sector, the pre-crisis rate has been regained three or four years ahead of their forecasts. The producers even speak of the best semester in their history in terms of volume sold in recent months. Several reasons have been given. First, an economic recovery faster than expected.

No shortage expected for the end of the year

Then, professionals noticed a change in consumer habits. Due to the health crisis, many people have acquired the habit of drinking champagne at home, without having to travel. In addition, distributors have placed large orders with producers in anticipation of the holiday season.

Faced with demand, the winegrowers decided to adapt their working methods. Some have opted for a 3/8 rhythm, which allows them to operate their machines 24 hours a day. But the players in the sector want to be reassuring: there is no risk of a shortage at the end of the year, only the delivery times will perhaps be lengthened a little. “We prefer these problems to those of 2020,” said the union of champagne houses.



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