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STRAIGHT.  Retirements: Emmanuel Macron recalls ‘disappointing moments’ because ‘things aren’t moving fast enough’

STRAIGHT. Retirements: Emmanuel Macron recalls ‘disappointing moments’ because ‘things aren’t moving fast enough’

STRAIGHT.  Retirements: Emmanuel Macron recalls ‘disappointing moments’ because ‘things aren’t moving fast enough’


  • The trade unions and the executive will talk to each other again: after the tenth day of action on Tuesday, when there were fewer opponents of the pension reform on the streets, the inter-union was invited to Matignon early next week.
  • “Resolved after two months of exemplary mobilization” and “concerned about tensions in the country”, the union called for a new big day of mobilization on Thursday 6 April.
  • After a three-week strike by garbage collectors, the CGT announced a “suspension” of the movement on Wednesday in the hope that mobilization could “start stronger”.
  • The General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGNP) has delayed 17 judicial investigations since the first day of mobilization.

Macron responds to Pif readers

Emmanuel Macron, full of social anger over his pension reform, answered questions from Pif readers in February, reassuring himself that he was disappointed when things weren’t going “fast enough”. The head of state spoke on the 75th anniversary of the famous dog, interviewed young readers on February 20 and was broadcast this Wednesday. 49.3 has not yet been used to reform, while his detractors highlight his pension inflexibility, accusing him of “playing the lie” of the situation.

Or “you were able to provide solutions,” and this is “satisfactory,” launches Emmanuel Macron. “Either it isn’t, and those are the moments that affect you too, that are frustrating because you see things aren’t moving fast enough.”


See you Thursday, April 6th.

The inter-union struggle against pension reform called on Tuesday for an eleventh day of “strike and demonstration” on Thursday, April 6, believing that “the lack of response from the executive branch is leading to a situation of tension” that is causing concern.

Intersyndical “calls for locally defined union rallies and for a big new day of strikes and demonstrations on Thursday April 6 across the country,” she said in a press release.


Elizabeth Born invited unions

The prime minister invited unions to Matignon “on Monday or Tuesday,” Laurent Bergé, general secretary of the CFDT, told TMC on Tuesday evening. “The invitation has been sent out to all members” of the inter-union, the prime minister’s entourage confirmed. The report, seen by AFP, offers three slots on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for an “interview” with Elizabeth Bourne, without further details.


10,000 checks in Paris yesterday

On Tuesday, like last week, clashes erupted between protesters and law enforcement in several cities during protests against pension reform. In Paris, where 10,000 checks were carried out around the procession, a Leclerc business was looted and several dumpster fires were lit before clashes broke out at the finish line at the Place de la Nation. The Police Headquarters reported 55 arrests around 20:30. Tensions are also in Dijon, Lyon, Lille and Toulouse, where police have used water cannons. Clashes also took place in Nantes, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Besançon and Nancy.


Good morning

Welcome to this new directive dedicated to pension reform.

Source: Le Parisien

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