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STRAIGHT. Pensions: after three weeks of blockage, the refinery lacks fuel


  • As part of his first trip to the region in two months, Emmanuel Macron will travel to the Hautes-Alpes to present a plan to improve the management of water resources threatened by drought and global warming.
  • Unions determined to talk about pensions are expected early next week in Matignon, before mobilization day on 6 April.
  • The Constitutional Council will take its decisions on pension reform and the proposal for a referendum of popular initiatives (PIP) on Friday, April 14, “at the end of the day.”

SNCF traffic is more fluid today

On day 24 of the renewed SNCF strike against pension reform, TGV (Inoui, Ouigo, Thalys and Eurostar) traffic will be normal or almost this Thursday. Two-thirds of the Intercités must be running, as well as four-fifths of the TER.


Shortage getting worse in Île-de-France

30% of gas stations in Ile-de-France have run out of at least one type of fuel. In Essonne, this figure rises to 38%.


It’s getting harder to pay for his energy

Interventions on unpaid electricity bills increased by 10% in 2022 despite a tariff shield introduced to curb price surges, the energy ombudsman announces. In 2022, 863,000 were sold. On the other hand, the reduction was reduced by 38%, from 254,000 in 2021 to 157,000 last year. “This development is mainly due to the fact that some suppliers, in particular EDF, following the recommendations of the national energy ombudsman, have decided to carry out a reduction in capacity in the event of non-payment, and not a power outage,” the report says. said.


Refineries locked down for three weeks

At least six of France’s seven refineries have been closed or operated at reduced capacity for 22 days, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals remain locked down.

Result: The day before yesterday, 15.52% of petrol stations in France lacked at least one fuel (gasoline and/or diesel) and 6.89% of the stations were dry.

Strikers at the Total Gonfreville-L’Orcher refinery are due to meet in the late morning to decide how to proceed with the move.

At the Donges (Loire-Atlantique) refinery, as well as at the La Mède (Bouches-du-Rhône) biorefinery, shipments are still interrupted.


Garbage pickers strike continues… in Le Havre

Reapers stopped picking up trash not only in Paris. In Le Havre, in the Seine-Maritime, unlike their Parisian counterparts, they continue the movement begun on March 7th. Yesterday, the amount of uncollected waste was estimated at 3,500 tons – for a city of 172,000 people – despite collection organized by the city community.


Several activities are planned in the Seine-Maritime

Rallies are scheduled for Thursday in Rouen and Le Havre, outraged by fishermen and opponents of pension reform. Fearing floods, while recent gatherings have resulted in “destroying street furniture”, “breaking windows”, “burning garbage cans” and “throwing shells” at the police, the Prefect of the Seine-Maritime in particular banned the “carrying and transport of any object, which by designation can be a weapon” in the center of the two cities from 8 am to 10 pm. This includes looking for people who come to the center to demonstrate.


Macron back on the field

Want to move on? The presentation of Emmanuel Macron’s “water plan” this Thursday will mark the return of the President of the Republic to the battlefield. “The time has come to find the salt of the earth,” says Renaissance deputy Carl Olive, along with the Parisian.


Hi all

Welcome to our new pension reform live stream while Emmanuel Macron is expected in the Hautes-Alpes to present his water plan.

Source: Le Parisien

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