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Pensions: 10,000 demonstrators expected in Veer, stronghold of Elizabeth Bourne

This symbolic place was chosen in Normandy by the trade union for this Saturday’s mobilization day against the pension reform. The municipality of Vir, with about 17,000 inhabitants, is at the center of the 6th constituency of Calvados, which allowed Elisabeth Bourne to be elected as an MP before becoming Prime Minister.

This Saturday, about 10,000 demonstrators from all over the region are expected in the Norman city. The procession is to start at 2:30 pm. A real challenge to society. “The largest demonstration against the pension reform in Vir gathered about 1,200 people. Can you imagine that several thousand people who came to the demonstration in Vir is something new, unheard of! – responded the mayor of the city Marc Andre Sabater at the microphone of France Bleu Normandie.

Preventive action

The climate in the region is already tense. This Thursday, an effigy of Emmanuel Macron was burned in Cana in front of the Calvados prefecture.

Preventive measures have been taken due to fears of flooding. The prefect of Orne issued an order in the area adjacent to the city to prohibit the storage and transportation of fireworks, pyrotechnics and incendiary substances or products.

The mayor also clarifies that the city center will be inaccessible all day and that many merchants want to close their business: “In recent days, I have met with many local merchants, and their testimony suggests that those on the demonstration route will lower the price. curtain,” says Marc Andreu Sabater. There is anxiety, and then there will be no customers in the city center tomorrow if there is a large crowd of people,” adds the mayor of Vira.

Source: Le Parisien

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