EconomyWith Delicity, the Nice meal delivery platform, "the restaurant,...

With Delicity, the Nice meal delivery platform, “the restaurant, the delivery person and the customer are winners”


This is the story of three former Nice colleagues who decided to quit everything and embark on the creation of a “fair” meal delivery platform. After having ordered, via a known application, a pizza that is too expensive compared to its price in restaurants, Raphaël Pousse, Kevin Favergeaud and Alexandre Aruchumian dream of giving restaurant owners and delivery people “better remuneration”. For a year, they have made this dream a reality with a list of “more than 400 delivery people” and nearly 200 restaurants, who have joined the Delicity concept.

“The goal is to reconnect restaurant owners with their customers,” says Alexandre Aruchumian, one of the site’s founders. We are the point of contact that ensures the quality of service. “With his associates, he wanted” to reverse the equation of large platforms where there is a winner and three losers. With Delicity, everyone wins ”.

First, the restaurant. “Where Uber takes 36% commission, we only take a euro in service charges,” says the co-founder. A detail that changes everything for Nina who works at the Beirut Café, a Lebanese family-run restaurant that offers traditional homemade food. “During confinement, we sought to develop a delivery service. We started with the three, Uber, Deliveroo and Delicity. But since June, we only collaborate with the Nice platform. The others are not viable in the long term. We were selling at a loss. “

It is also a “local partnership of trust and proximity” which reassures the restaurateur: “With Delicity, we are offering our customers a new service that we could not manage alone. It is a flexible tool that adapts to our needs and our capacity. And in addition, we know that we can trust delivery people. “

“Like a big family”

According to the creators of the site, the delivery people are also winners. Aziana confirms. He started with Deliveroo three years ago. Today, he alternates between Uber and Delicity “because the output is not the same and it is necessary to have a salary”. He compares: “When I deliver in town, I will earn at least 4 euros per race. With the others, I can end up with 2.50 euros, almost half as much. In addition, I can wait a long time before leaving to deliver because the relationship with the restaurants is not the same, it is not the same respect and the same expectations. “

What convinced him about this local company was “his human side”. “If I have a problem, I can call them directly. With the others, they tell us to send an email. There are no real contacts. In this start-up, we practically all know each other, we are like a big family ”. So, he is only waiting for one thing: “For Delicity to develop enough to no longer have to work for the large platforms, or else they will have to align”. He adds: “In addition, it’s Niçois, it’s French, there is inevitably great pride. “

An application and the launch in other cities

So what is the recipe for startups? Alexandre Aruchumian explains: “We have set a base per kilometer. The restaurateur therefore knows what his delivery is due, it is he who is free to set his criteria. And this system allows the customer to pay less since, without the 30% commission, the price of the dish will not be increased to try to make it profitable ”. And if he is not happy, “the customer can directly see the restaurant”. “We are more about loyalty than acquisition. We complete Uber and Deliveroo on this point. “

The people of Nice do not stop there. The site also makes it possible to reserve a table, “while avoiding paying an additional 2.50 euros per person, which Lafourchette takes”, specifies one of the founders. “Until then, we weren’t trying to be profitable. We told ourselves that we would become, if we deployed. The next step therefore is to conquer France. “We are developing in Antibes, Cannes, Sophia Antipolis. The objective is that at the beginning of 2022, it will be Bordeaux, Lyon and Paris. “In the meantime, the platform’s first anniversary” gift “is a mobile application available to all users.



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