EconomyWhat are the steps to take before the work?

What are the steps to take before the work?


Dilapidated dwellings are not the preserve of individual owners. According to the censuses carried out by the prefects in 2018, some 684 condominiums comprising 56,000 homes are in difficulty. Due to a lack of regular maintenance, these aging buildings sometimes look like real ruins. To avoid getting there, you have to organize an action plan.

Start by taking stock

Any building involves some periodic renovation work in order to stay in good condition. And contrary to what one might think, it is often more economical to go through a global operation rather than leaving each co-owner to take care of his home. But before embarking, it is still necessary to make a precise inventory of the situation.

After having carried out a survey on residents’ expectations, the trustee can use the initial condominium assessment (BIC), which consists of a questionnaire making it possible to identify the weaknesses and positive points of the residence. In the case of collective heating, the simplified energy balance (BES) can also assess the current and future consumption of the building and determine possible savings. As for the co-ownership observatory set up by Unarc (Association of co-ownership managers), it summarizes the expenditure items of collective charges, in order to identify possible drifts.

The building scrutinized

To determine the necessary renovation work, in the near future or in the longer term, it is then necessary to establish a diagnosis, knowing that some may in any case be mandatory. Between 2012 and 2017, all condominiums thus had to carry out an energy balance by means of a collective energy performance diagnosis (DPE) for those of less than fifty lots, or an energy audit for larger residences. But if these tools define the performance of buildings, they do not, on the other hand, give an overview of their state of maintenance.

This is why the Energy Transition Agency (Ademe) strongly recommends having a global technical diagnosis (DTG) carried out to prepare the most suitable work program. Created by the Alur law of March 24, 2014, this report not only includes an energy audit or a DPE but also goes further by analyzing the apparent condition of common parts and equipment, without forgetting to check whether the syndicate of co-owners is paying well of its obligations. The DGT finally leads to a summary evaluation of the cost and the list of work necessary for the conservation or improvement of the residence over the next ten years.



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