Economy56% of French people believe they have lost purchasing...

56% of French people believe they have lost purchasing power with Emmanuel Macron, according to a survey


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As the 2022 presidential election is fast approaching, the time to take stock of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term is also getting closer and closer. According to an OpinionWay-Square poll for The echoes and Radio Classique *, 58% of French people have considered Emmanuel Macron’s economic action negative since 2017.

“It is a classic of the Fifth Republic for the end of the mandate, in general and for a long time, the balance sheets are considered negative by more than two thirds of the population”, says Frédéric Micheau, Director General of OpinionWay. In 2016, 78% of those polled considered François Hollande’s record negative. In 2011, they were 70% to think the same thing for Nicolas Sarkozy.

“We find this perception of a president of the rich”

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“There, 40% consider his economic action positive, even though a large part of his five-year term has been prevented by the health crisis,” adds the pollster. This even rises to 55% among the voters of François Fillon in 2017. According to Frédéric Micheau, this negative overall judgment is explained in particular by the perception of the evolution of purchasing power. 56% of those polled said they felt it had decreased somewhat. A third think it has remained stable and 8% believe that it has rather increased.

They are also 50% to estimate that the economic policy of Emmanuel Macron had a positive impact on the purchasing power of the wealthy categories and 56% that it was negative on the purchasing power of the popular categories. “We find this perception of a president of the rich, of a five-year term which deals more with the wealthy categories and less with the great mass of workers. This refers to the period of “yellow vests” which gave a color to his five-year term, “decrypts Frédéric Micheau.

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The French were also asked about the details of the economic measures. 87% of them said they were satisfied with the support provided to businesses during the health crisis. 80% said they support the abolition of the housing tax and 80% think that the withholding tax has been a good thing. For its part, the reform of the ISF at the start of the five-year term is however only supported by 31% of respondents.

* Survey carried out from September 15 to 16, 2021 with a sample of 1,004 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over (quota method)


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