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The so-called ‘second agrarian reform’: everything you need to know about the government’s announcements

The so-called ‘second agrarian reform’: everything you need to know about the government’s announcements

The so-called ‘second agrarian reform’: everything you need to know about the government’s announcements

This Sunday, the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, together with the head of the Council of Ministers, Guido Bellido, and other members of his Cabinet, formally launched the call “Second agrarian reform”, a government program that includes a series of measures to boost agriculture in the country.

The launch date of the so-called “second reformIt is not by chance. It occurs on October 3, the date on which Juan Velasco Alvarado gave a coup to President Fernando Belaunde in 1958 and thus began the military regime. During his government, the military dictator promoted the Agrarian Reform, in which he sought to grant property to the workers of large estates and haciendas, through the elimination of the “large estates” and the expropriation of the owners.

What does the second agrarian reform consist of?

According the Government has informed, the second agrarian reform is a projected government policy without expropriations or confiscations, and seeks to guide public policies in favor of the development of family farming and agrarian cooperatives.

For this, the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (MIDAGRI) has proposed nine axes, or strategic management lines, among them: Food security, associativity and cooperativism, hydraulic infrastructure, agrarian civil service – SECIGRA agrario.

In addition, it seeks rural industrialization, producer markets and state purchases, intergovernmental and intersectoral articulation in the territory, cattle repopulation, as well as credit from an agricultural development bank at the service mainly of family agriculture, and regional summits.

This call second reform seeks to achieve greater social inclusion of the more than 2.2 million small producers who come from family farming.

What announcements did President Castillo make?

The president of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, gave a speech during the launch of the second agrarian reform. He highlighted the scope of Velasco’s sour policies and announced the guidelines of his government to carry out the second call agrarian reform.

Agrarian Development Cabinet

The mandatary Castillo Terrones announced the creation of the Agricultural and Rural Development Cabinet, with the aim of promoting the necessary policies for the benefit of national agriculture.

“This cabinet will be made up of the productive, infrastructure and social development ministries, and will have the participation of representatives of regional and local governments”, he pointed out in his pronouncement.

In addition, he said that he, personally, will preside over this new cabinet, and is seeking “change the way of governing so that our State is at the service of our family farmers ”.

This cabinet will promote an electrification and connectivity program aimed at small farmers. In addition, it will promote a public procurement program for more than S / 300 million during the next year aimed at family farming, and will build markets in each province of the country.

Price range

In order to protect national production from the importation of products related to agriculture, the head of state indicated that he will make adjustments to the price range.

“Despite our diversity and productive capacity, all these years of neglect have made us a country highly dependent on the importation of food and agricultural supplies”, he asserted.

“In the next few weeks, we will adjustments to the price band to better protect domestic production of unfair competition from subsidized products imported from abroad ”, added.

On the other hand, he announced a program of direct support to small farmers, through the purchase of fertilizers to reduce the increase in prices of this input. He also indicated that a phosphate fertilizer plant will be built to reduce imports and boost the national industry.

Fund for rural women and agrarian Secigra

The mandatary Castillo He pointed out that they will promote a fund for rural women, since one out of every three farm workers are women. As he explained, it will allow the deployment of various technical, business and social support programs for the more than 700,000 agricultural producers in the country. “The second agrarian reform also has a woman’s face, that of our mothers, daughters and wives whose work and effort we see every day”, manifested.

At another point in his speech, Castillo He also announced the creation of the so-called Agrarian Civil Service – Secigra, with the aim that “thousands of young university graduates” go to the field to provide technical support “to our farmers.”

Farmer credits

The president said that farmers will have access to credit under favorable conditions, to promote the development of the sector in the country. “We will take the necessary steps so that our country has an agricultural development bank based on Agrobanco, Cofide and the Banco de la Nación”, Indian.

“Farmers will begin to have direct access to these credits under favorable conditions with technical support and agricultural advice”he added.

At another time, agricultural cooperatives will enjoy the tax benefits of other associations of this type, through the law for the improvement of agricultural cooperatives.

“All tax benefits for cooperatives will be applicable to our peasant and native communities, since we recognize them not only as social and cultural organizations fundamentally in our society, but also as productive and business organizations with full economic rights.”, He specified.


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