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Refurbished smartphones: Back Market and Bouygues join forces for new offers

Take advantage of a great promotion on your smartphone by subscribing to a new plan. Until now, this advantage has been reserved for new phones. But from June 13, all consumers who want to purchase a refurbished device will be able to take advantage of this.

Back Market, a French platform for selling refurbished products, is joining forces with operator Bouygues Telecom to offer this new service. “It will be tested from May 22,” explains Thibault Hugues de Larose, CEO of Back Market. About 50% of Internet users will be able to access it directly on our website. And it will be generalized from mid-June. »

Principle: when you subscribe to the Bouygues package – one for 34.99 euros/month for 150 GB with a 24 month commitment; the other is €34.99 per month for one year and then €44.99 per month the following year for 200GB – the consumer will receive a discount of €150 and €200 respectively when purchasing a refurbished smartphone.

“We already offer a similar financial offer on our website,” explains Bruno Duarte, director of consumer affairs at Bouygues Telecom. But in fact, buyers almost systematically choose a new smartphone. “The reason? There are too few refurbished models on the operator’s website. But with Back Market, which works with more than 1,000 remanufacturers, the choice will be more competitive.

Is it really a good plan?

Anxiety ? A €150 or €200 discount, while certainly attractive, risks scaring off consumers looking for a real bargain. Indeed, although the average price of a mobile phone subscription in France is €15 per month, the bill may be a bit steep for many consumers. Moreover, the subscriptions offered by Bouygues Telecom as part of the operation imply a two-year commitment.

Indeed, when buying a phone for 300 euros on Back Market, a customer with his own tariff plan for 15 euros will end up with a bill of 660 euros after 2 years without taking advantage of the discount. With a promotion of 150 euros (and a 150 GB package), the bill reaches 989.76 euros and increases to 1059.76 euros for 200 euros (with a 200 GB package).

“It’s never perfect from day to day,” admits Thibault Hugues de Larose, who is not currently considering opening the partnership to other operators. But it allows us to meet the needs of our non-subscription customers who end up choosing the new model. »

Source: Le Parisien

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