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Price of water: annoying

Price of water: annoying

Price of water: annoying

The French discover that cheap water no longer flows from the spring. In 2023, many cities increased tariffs due to rising electricity prices. A third of the roughly 10,500 governing bodies have increased their prices by between 5% and 50%. This is not the end. This year, average growth is expected to be 5%. Therefore, in some places it can reach 60%. Unlike electricity, the price per cubic meter is not national and varies depending on the territory. It pays for the distribution of tap water, as well as the treatment of wastewater and rainwater.

Investments related to shortages caused by climate change and pollution control are becoming increasingly important. The titanic project to transfer water from the Rhone to supply the Eastern Pyrenees gives an idea of ​​this. Everyone can understand this. Moreover, water costs still account for only 1% of the French budget. The condition of the pipes of various networks is less acceptable.

The Observatory of Public Water and Sanitation estimates leakage at 1 billion cubic meters of drinking water lost to nature each year, or the consumption of 18 million people over the same period. Over the years, the pipelines have deteriorated quietly and without disturbing anyone. Elected officials see no immediate electoral benefit in maintaining it. An unacceptable waste. Stimulus. Another one. This increases the number of obligatory expenses, which increases and fuels anger.

Source: Le Parisien

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