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Paris 2024: Samsung to announce new foldable smartphones to win the Games

Paris 2024: Samsung to announce new foldable smartphones to win the Games

Paris 2024: Samsung to announce new foldable smartphones to win the Games

We can already imagine them on barges sailing down the Seine, greeting the spectators gathered on the embankments, multiplying selfies and videos. Around 7,000 athletes from around the world will parade on July 26 at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and many of them will have a new toy in their hands that will immortalize the event.

A week before the big day, global Games partner Samsung will be giving everyone the brand’s latest foldable smartphone, the Z Flip6, which was unveiled Wednesday morning in Paris. “We’ll be giving a smartphone to each of the 10,500 Olympic athletes and 4,000 Paralympic athletes,” explains François Hernandez, vice president and general manager of mobile at Samsung France. “We’ll give them a detailed presentation and tell them that they’ll obviously be able to use it in full during the ceremony to take videos and post photos on social media!”

Disregard for competitors

There is no question of Samsung hunting down athletes who come with a competing smartphone. But the message will be sent by an Olympic partner. And a new “foldable” Korean film should get impressive media coverage: it is expected to be seen by 1.5 billion viewers.

“You can just imagine thousands of athletes waving their Korean foldable smartphone on TV!” says Renaud Kayanakis, a telecoms specialist at Sia Partners. For Samsung to set up shop in the photo capital of Paris is a huge snub to rivals like Huawei and Apple.

Because while Samsung is the leader in foldable devices in France with a market share of over 90%, other manufacturers such as Motorola or Honor, among others, are making increasingly successful attempts. For months, there have been rumors that Apple is working on foldable iPhones and iPads. For Samsung – which is several steps ahead with the first model launched ten years ago – there is an urgent need to follow through and take advantage of the Olympic Games to establish itself in the eyes of customers around the world.

“We usually present new products at the end of July or the beginning of August,” we explain internally. We have postponed the date of our participation in the event. For us, foldables are a growing market: three years ago, they made up about 7% of Samsung’s turnover for high-end models. Now we have 20%. And we expect to reach 50% within three years. “

Focus on the youngest

The main target: the youngest consumers. And this summer, the desire to watch the Olympics on a new generation smartphone could sway more than one buyer to Samsung, the number one smartphone seller in France.

“The retention rate of customers who choose a brand is very high, and so it is important to immediately look for young people so that they can join our world,” continues François Hernandez, specifying, without giving figures, that “foldable devices also make it possible to attract new customers who are fans of other manufacturers.”

Because in addition to the innovative design of folding mobile phones (the Z Flip6 opens vertically like a compact phone, and the Z Fold6 horizontally like a book), they above all open up new possibilities of use. Need an instant translation? All you have to do is fold the device and speak the language on one side, so that the translation written in the language of the interlocutor is displayed on the back screen. Want to take a selfie? It is very easy to place the folded smartphone, whose camera automatically adapts the image size to the needs.

But to afford these latest handsets, you’ll have to pay a price: expect €1,199 for the Z Flip6 (256GB) and €1,999 for the Z Fold6 (256GB), slightly more than the previous generation.

The manufacturer has nothing to worry about, noting that consumers are spending more and more money to afford a smartphone (an average of 550 euros, or 115 euros more than in 2021), which they also keep longer than “Before”. So we have to tempt them at any cost. Samsung remains confident and expects sales of the Z Flip6 to increase by 30% compared to the launch of the previous model. Olympic start!

Source: Le Parisien

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