EconomyBetoobe, business telephony against planned obsolescence

Betoobe, business telephony against planned obsolescence


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Sébastien Reverdy and Julien Fournier the founders of Betoobe. – Betoobe.

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  • Sébastien Reverdy and Julien Fournier have launched a range of services to simplify mobile telephony for businesses.
  • After growing 215% in 2020, the two founders still hope to double their 2020 results.
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Their figures are surprising, given the past year. A bit as if the health crisis had not taken hold. Perhaps it was even profitable for them? In any case, the results are there: the company Betoobe, based in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, announces for 2020 a turnover of 810,000 euros, against 257,000 for the last year. That is 315% growth.

The niche allowing such development? The one that Sébastien Reverdy, 45, and Julien Fournier, 34, the co-founders, launched two years ago: to offer a range of services to simplify mobile telephony for businesses. There is a “fleet management support”, the “deployment of terminals” (namely phones and / or tablets), but also, and above all, “repair and troubleshooting”, and “recovery and recycling ”.

“Develop usage intelligence”

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“Over the past few months, we have managed more than 19,000 lines, deployed 11,000 terminals and recycled nearly 17 tonnes of electronic waste,” the two telephony specialists recently assured in a press release.

Who like to highlight the environmental aspects of their approach. “Our tracking software has the particularity of allowing companies to increase the lifespan of terminals from 24 to 36 months,” adds Sébastien Reverdy. We must stop with the idea that telephone operators must finance new devices so that their customers do not leave. It may be interesting, but it is not virtuous. When new businesses contact us, the first thing we say is, “Keep your terminals, they’re working!” ”While it is hard to fight against planned obsolescence, we can develop usage intelligence, that is to say, only buy when necessary. “

Interest in their clients? Make savings very quickly. And it works, according to the results of this start-up, which currently has seventeen employees, eight of whom are outsourced. This year, the two entrepreneurs hope to double the results of 2020. “For that, we are going to hire a little more than 15 people”, indicates Sébastien Reverdy. To be continued.



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