EconomyLatin American markets close with losses

Latin American markets close with losses


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The detection of a new coronavirus variant that could be resistant to available vaccines was pushing investors to the safety of the yen and the Swiss franc on Friday, at the expense of the dollar, the British pound and emerging market currencies.

Low trading volumes due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States made market movements more volatile as traders ditched long dollar positions and hedged short yen positions.

The index dollar, that compares the greenback to a basket of six coins main, fell around 0.8%.

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The Mexican peso traded at the close at 21.9410 per dollar, with a loss of 1.78% compared to 21.5575 in the Reuters reference price on Thursday. Previously, in international operations, it fell to 22.1510 units, its weakest level since September 30, 2020.

The Mexican currency accumulates a loss in the year of almost 10% and outlined its worst week since the one ended on September 25 of last year. * The main stock index S & P / BMV IPC, which is made up of the 35 most liquid companies in the Mexican market, fell 2.24%, to 49,492.52 points, and recorded its third consecutive weekly fall, dragged down by a global wave of aversion to risk assets.

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“Investors are overreacting and are clearly speculating that a rapid spread of a more brutal COVID strain could once again derail the global economy”CI Banco said in an analysis note for its clients.

The Brazilian real depreciated 0.55%, to 5.5961 units per dollar, while the Bovespa index of the Sao Paulo stock exchange B3 fell 3.26%, to 102,356.34 points.

In Argentina, the peso fell 0.1% due to dollar, 100.79 / 100.80 por dollar in depreciation regulated by the central bank, while the Merval stock index of the Buenos Aires stock market fell 5.4%, to 80,369.01 units.

“Global stocks plummet with the new variant of the coronavirus detected in southern Africa. According to reports, the new variant could be resistant to current vaccines and that causes high volatility in financial markets “said an international analyst.

The Chilean peso fell 1.24%, to 831.50 / 831.80 units per dollar, after opening the day with a drop of 1.6%. Meanwhile, the leading index of the Santiago Stock Exchange, the IPSA, lost 0.47%, to 4,580.47 units.

“The Colombian peso closed the session with a drop of 0.82% to 4,007 units per dollar, its lowest level since April 28 last year. The currency accumulated a decrease of 2.38% in the week.

“The day began with news that have led to episodes of ‘risk off’ (lower demand for risk assets) due to the discovery of a new variant of the coronavirus in South Africa, which has generated alerts in countries in Europe and Asia, punishing the assets of the region”, indicated a note from Banco de Bogotá.

In the Colombian stock market, the MSCI COLCAP stock index devalued 1.53% to 1,318.31 points.

The Peruvian currency, the sol, fell 0.32%, to 4,042 / 4,045 units per dollar.

Meanwhile, the benchmark for the Lima Stock Exchange lost 2.59%, to 525.84 points. Quotes at 2127 GMT Stock indices Quotation Daily pct chg Daily pct chg in the year MSCI Markets 1,254.69 0.12 -2.87 Emerging MSCI Latin America 2,114.61 0.77 -13.75 Bovespa Brazil 102,224.26 -3, 39 -14.1097 CPI Mexico 49,367.33 -2.48 12.03 Argentina MerVal 80,369.01 -5.4 165.16 COLCAP Colombia 1,318.31 -1.53 ​​8 IPSA Chile 4,579.3 -0.49 -10 .30 Peru Selective 525.49 -2.66 2.56 Dollar versus coins Price Var pct Var pct monthly in the year Brazilian real 5.6106 0.51 -7.43 Mexican peso 21.9900 -6.63 -9.60 Chilean peso 831.2 -2.28 -14.58 Colombian peso 4.001 .23 -6.25 -14.54 Peruvian sol 4.0379 -1.04 -10.61 Argentine peso 100.75 -1.01 -16.60.


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