EconomyWhen and how to terminate a contract?

When and how to terminate a contract?


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Today’s daily life is protected by numerous insurance policies. The objective: to avoid bearing the financial consequences of any disaster. And because our needs are constantly evolving, it is recommended that you take stock of your contracts every two years or so, in order to be able to readjust your insurance coverage by bringing in competition if necessary. But how to break his commitment? Are the conditions always the same?

The annual deadline

The legislation gives individuals several opportunities to terminate their contract, as long as it does not concern professional cover (regulated separately). In general, any insurance can first be terminated each year, taking care to send your request at least 2 months before the expiry date. Please note, the deadline is not always set for December 31.

But not everyone has their nose in their schedule all the time, and it’s very easy to miss the mark. This is the reason why the Chatel law of 2005 requires insurance companies to remind their customers of their option not to renew their contract by specifying the period of notice to be observed in order to terminate. This information must be sent each year with your due date notice, between 3 months and 15 days before the deadline for breaking the commitment. You then have 20 days from the date of sending the notice to act. In addition, if the insurer is late and exceeded the time limit, you can terminate at any time.

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Most conventions require you to proceed by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt (AR), but other media may be authorized. Remember to inquire so that your request does not remain without effect.

At any time

Thanks to the Hamon law of 2014, the termination of your insurance can also be “infra-annual”. In other words, you no longer need to wait for the due date and can request the termination of your commitment at any time during the year by letter or any other medium provided for by the agreement. . The only requirement is that this freedom to terminate is only valid at the end of your first year of subscription.

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This option today concerns the vast majority of contracts taken out for non-professional purposes. Infra-annual termination does indeed work for automobile insurance, multi-risk home insurance or even affinity protection (warranty extensions taken in particular for smartphones, household appliances and high-tech products). Since December 1, 2020, individuals who have taken out an individual supplemental health contract can also take advantage of this possibility, as can employees subscribing to the optional collective coverage of their company. On the other hand, in the case of a collective contract with compulsory membership, only the employer has the right to terminate at any time at the end of the one-year period of engagement.

Special cases

Changes in your situation that have an impact on the risks covered may also allow you to leave your insurer prematurely. When selling your vehicle, for example, your auto insurance is suspended and the cancellation request can be sent directly. It will take effect 10 days after receipt.

Same principle for the multi-risk home contract, which can be terminated by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt during a move (effective termination 1 month after notification of the RD). Logically, insurance covering damage to a specific item, such as a smartphone, can still be automatically terminated when the item concerned is destroyed, stolen or lost.

Also with this in mind, you must notify your insurer in the event of an aggravation of the risk covered. The latter will then be able to make you a proposal for a change in coverage and if you refuse it, this will result in termination.


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