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Price of the dollar in Peru: exchange rate today, Saturday, January 1, 2022


Lima, January 1, 2022Updated on 01/01/2022 09:28 am

The dollar price In Peru, yesterday’s session ended, the last one in 2021, trading higher, in a year marked by political uncertainty and social conflicts.

The exchange rate ended the session at S / 3,991 per dollar, a slight increase of 0.05% compared to its price on Thursday, at S / 3,989, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR).

Throughout 2021, the greenback accumulated a 10.28% advance in its price, after closing 2020 at S / 3,619, according to data from the issuing entity. The stoppages of various extractive operations as a result of social conflicts, as well as a convulsed political scene since the general elections and a global inflationary phenomenon motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic, pushed the dollar al raises.

As a result of these events, the US currency hit a historical peak of S / 4,138 and remained above S / 4 for a good part of the year.

In today’s session, Friday, December 31, the BCR sold US $ 5 million at an average exchange rate of S / 3,992 for dollar, as well as auctioned overnight deposits pro S / 6,910.8 million at an average interest rate of 2.49%.

In the parallel market or the main exchange houses, the dollar It was bought for S / 3,960 and it was sold for S / 4,000, according to the portal

According to Reuters, globally the better mood in global markets was supported by signs that governments are trying to contain the rapid spread of the omicron variant without paralyzing productive activities.

In the parallel market or the main exchange houses, the dollar was bought at S / 3,960 and sold at S / 4,000, according to the portal qué




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