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How to know the price of your apartment in one click and for free

Selling an apartment is not an easy task. You have to calculate the price, know if what is being asked for the property is within the market range … Fortunately, today there are many ‘online’ tools that can help and are free.

Price is a decisive factor when selling a property, but it is also a difficult figure to determine, especially in these times. The coronavirus has generated great uncertainty in the real estate market and this, inevitably, is affecting the value of the square meter in Spain. According to the appraiser Tinsa, in the last quarter of 2020, the average house price in the country suffered a fall of 2.3% compared to the first quarter of the year, the time prior to confinement.

What can a seller do to find out how much his apartment is worth? While it is advisable to turn to different sources to value a house, the good news is that there are multiple online home appraisal tools that can be used at zero cost. From the financial comparator they explain how to use them.

‘Online’, with little data and instantly

Online home appraisal tools have been developed, mostly, by online real estate agencies, real estate portals, banks and even the appraisers themselves approved that can assess a house in person.

The operation of these platforms is very simple. Generally speaking, you should only enter the exact location of the property to obtain the estimate (street, number, floor, door, postal code and municipality). As some of these tools use the land registry data to locate the house, the address is enough for them to calculate the price. Some even allow using the cadastral reference to make the valuation faster.

Several also allow you to add more information such as, for example, the surface of the property, the number of spaces it has (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.) and the existence of some extras that can increase the value of the house (garage, pool, garden, terrace, etc.). Ultimately, it is about having a higher level of precision in the assessment.

Thus, once the data has been entered, the tools, completely free of charge, they instantly throw on the screen or email an estimated sale price for the apartment. Some of these platforms do not give an exact value, but indicate minimum or maximum amounts that can serve as a reference to decide the price.

Guide prices, not an absolute truth

Each of these platforms has different parameters to calculate the price of a flat and a large part of them uses its own data that, although they can offer an approximation to what happens in the market, should not be taken as the only reference to set the sale price.

For example, it must be taken into account that real estate portals use the data of the offers published on their websites, but these prices are not usually what the apartments are sold for, as they generally change during negotiation. The banks use their own data, but they also use third parties such as the real estate portals or the cadastre.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that these platforms give very different results from each other. Because of this, recommends valuing the home as many times as possible through different sources. And also compare these prices with which they giveseveral real estate agencies in the area. These, with the knowledge they have of the market and based on the transactions they have made, can estimate the price of the house and do it also for free. Of course, their greatest interest is to attract a new customer, so some may make the mistake of giving inflated prices.

In addition, it is advisable to look at the prices of advertisements for similar apartments published on real estate portals and for sale in the neighborhood. Although these are sale prices, they can give you an idea of ​​how much a home is priced in the area. Handle, With all this information in mind, obtained through various actors, it is possible to elaborate a price range. If the interest is to sell the house quickly, it is advisable to remove the very high values ​​and stay with the average or adjusted values ​​and, within these, decide a price for the house.

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