EconomyDolarToday Venezuela Today, Saturday, January 29: How much is...

DolarToday Venezuela Today, Saturday, January 29: How much is the exchange rate trading at?


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Lima, January 29, 2022Updated on 01/29/2022 08:22 am

The dollar price in Venezuela, according to DolarToday, it operated this Saturday in the midst of the declaration of “inadmissible” the request for revocation against Nicolás Maduro, who celebrated the fact.

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At the opening, the dollar stood at 4.69 digital bolivars in the informal market of Venezuela, according to data from the portal DolarToday.

The Venezuelan electoral authority, controlled by Chavismo, declared this Thursday “inadmissible” the request for a referendum to revoke the mandate of President Nicolás Maduro, who celebrated the “failure” of the consultation in which the opposition decided not to participate due to adverse conditions. of process.

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Tania D’Amelio, one of the five rectors of the National Electoral Council, reported that “42,421 expressions of will were received”, which is equivalent to “1.01% of the electoral register”.

A small opposition fraction, which asked to activate the mechanism without the support of the big parties, had to collect the signature of 20% of the electoral register of each state (about 4.2 million in total).

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The CNE declares inadmissible the request for a recall referendum to the mandate of the president” and “declares without place a new request for a referendum”, indicated D’Amelio.

The collection of signatures was carried out for 12 hours on Wednesday, according to the order of the CNE that announced the day five days in advance, which according to the promoter Movimiento Venezolano por el Revocatorio (Mover) made the process unfeasible and for this reason he called for not take part.

Source: Elcomercio

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