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Duo Pimpinela will celebrate its 40th anniversary with a special concert in Peru


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Lima, February 4, 2022Updated on 02/04/2022 07:22 pm

The brothers Lucía and Joaquín Galán, better known in the world as the pimpernel duo, will return to Peru to celebrate their four decades of experience. The artists will perform on May 7 at Plaza Arena of the Jockey Club.

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The Pimpinela duo announced a special tour with the “40th Anniversary” show, a concert in which they will review their greatest hits and seek to excite their audience once again.

Through images on a giant screen and the accompaniment of their band of musicians, Lucía and Joaquín Galán will review their career and show off their familiarity with “Brothers, in the good and the bad”, “Love cannot be forgotten ” or “The Family”.

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Likewise, they will perform their new songs live for the first time: “Betrayal”, “2020 The Year that Time Stopped”, “Clown” and “You will always live inside me”. In addition, his classics “Forget me and turn around”, “To That”, “Now decide”, “Brave”, “Tell me in front of her”, “I need a flower”, “For that man”, will also be made presents.

As you remember, the Pimpinela duo maintains a very close connection with the Peruvian public, proof of this was their recent participation as coaches of “La Voz Senior”, where they shared with Daniela Darcourt, Tony Succar and Eva Ayllón.


Tickets for the Pimpinela duo concert will be available on the Teleticket website. There is a special sale with 20% off from Monday January 24th to February 27th. The cost is from S/169, including ticket commission and legal taxes.

Melissa Paredes refers to Paula Manzanal

Source: Elcomercio

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