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Juan Gabriel: fans pay tribute to him on the Walk of Fame

Dozens of fans of the Mexican singer John Gabrielwho died on Sunday in Los Angeles, gathered at the artist’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to say goodbye in the best way they knew how: singing their most memorable songs.

“El Noa Noa”, “I forgot again”, “Until I met you”, “Dear” and countless songs by the famous artist were played today on the famous Los Angeles avenue thanks to those who came to remember his figure .

The Nicaraguan Maritza Vega was in charge of proposing songs and even starting prayers while people deposited bouquets of flowers, photos and posters of the artist on the star.

“Maybe John Gabriel be from Mexico, but it belongs to all of us Latinos,” Vega said.

“His songs have made us cry when we are in love and have made us laugh and dance like crazy when he sang crazy things,” he added.

Vega said he was driving his car on the highway when he heard the news of his death on an English-language radio station, followed by one of the artist’s songs.

“I stopped the car and started crying. I couldn’t believe it. I decided to come to Hollywood, something I never do, and celebrate his life. We are all better people because of his songs,” he said.

José Vadillo, one of the fans present there, could not believe what had happened since last Friday he was enjoying the concert of John Gabriel at the Forum in Inglewood (California), which would finally be the last show of “Divo de Juárez”. “He looked good full of life,” said the fan.

“Like every show he gave, he was full of energy, vitality, and made everyone dance. Nobody expected this. It was perfect,” he added.

Vadillo, who said he heard the news while eating at a Manhattan Beach restaurant, decided to visit the star of John Gabriel on the Walk of Fame because he felt “a very ugly emptiness in his heart”.

“The human being died, but the artist and singer-songwriter are still alive. His music will always live,” said Vadillo, who wore a black t-shirt with the singer’s face.

Tears practically prevented Ana Villanueva from speaking, deeply shocked and moved by the news.

“I to John Gabriel I wanted him. It’s like my family. I loved her music. She has brought me happiness and has comforted me in very difficult moments of my life, “explained the woman as she received her husband’s hug.

Villanueva explained that her mother died when she was a child and that in the lyrics of “Querida” she always found comfort. In addition, she was able to meet John Gabriel personally and told him of his personal tragedy.

“His words I will carry with me forever. He said those feelings were the reason he kept going. He poured himself into his fans,” he said.

More complete was Alicia Gutiérrez, who acknowledged not being surprised “at all” by the response of the fans.

“He made poetry a song. He left us a lot to the Latino community that we have been in the US for years. He is someone who remains for posterity. It hurts me a lot, but I will remember him with great joy. And we have his songs, which are a real beauty “, he valued.

John Gabrielone of the most relevant musical stars in Latin America, died today at the age of 66 in Santa Monica (California) of a heart attack.


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Source: Elcomercio

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