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Christian Yaipén fulfilled the dream of a talented boy from “La Voz Kids”

Lima, February 16, 2022Updated on 02/16/2022 06:39 pm

The Team 5 He launched a new duet and this time he did it with little Ángelo Villanueva, a participant in “La Voz Kids” 2021 and a finalist in the Latina singing reality show on Christian Yaipén’s team.

The talented Ángelo Villanueva had the dream of singing with the Peruvian orchestra and Christian Yaipén was in charge of fulfilling his wish.

As you remember, Christian Yaipén promised the members of his team in “La Voz Kids” that whoever reached the final with him would sing with Grupo 5 during a live concert.

Thus, Angelo Villanueva went on stage and the video clip was recorded during a Grupo 5 show in Comas. The child star performed “Amor de mis amores” together with the orchestra and choirs of Christian Yaipén and the leader of Grupo 5.

“During his time at ‘La Voz Kids’ 2021, Christian Yaipén promised that his finalist would sing along with Grupo 5. And here is little Ángelo Villanueva to make us dance with ‘Amor de Mis Amores'”, They wrote in the official account of Grupo 5.

For his part, little Angelo was happy to fulfill his dream of singing on stage with Grupo 5.

“I want to thank my teacher Christian Yaipén from ‘La Voz Kids’ 2021 and Grupo 5 for this great dream come true of sharing the same stage in a great live concert, it was a beautiful and wonderful experience that I will never forget. Dedicated with much love and affection to all my fans and to all the fans of Group 5 for Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy it!noted talented child in their social networks.

The song “Amor de mis amores”, performed by Ángelo Villanueva, is already on the YouTube video platform.

Source: Elcomercio

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