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Denegri, the chalaca revelation, released the video for his song “Don’t think about it so much”

Denegri, the chalaca revelation, released the video for his song “Don’t think about it so much”

Denegri, the chalaca revelation, released the video for his song “Don’t think about it so much”

Ricardo Denegri, better known in the artistic world as Denegriis a 24-year-old young man from Chalaco who, from a very young age, spent his time in the corner of a bar and listened to Héctor Lavoe and the Fania All-Stars all day.

As a result, he was inspired to create rhymes, but he never finished a song. Now He is part of the group of artists that represents Monumental Music and is making his way with his new video clip “Don’t think about it so much”.

“I started to improvise and do small shows in the street for the people who were doing tours of the neighborhood.everyone started to know me as the singer”tells the young man about his beginnings in music.

He says that he came to the record company that represents Micheille Soifer by chance and since then he wants to make his dreams come true, so that his brothers, mother, family and friends feel proud of him.


Denegri lived with his parents until he was 13 years old, when they separated. The most logical thing would have been for her to be under the guardianship of one of them, but she did not want to, and he preferred to be with his grandmother, with whom he was only two weeks.

For questions of life, after this time, They told him that he had to leave because they had rented the house where they lived. “Sometimes I stayed with friends, who were almost always older, or I woke up on the street”indicates.

This is how he began to sell drugs to survive, he dispatched and received the money all night. That was until one of his friends made him reconsider.

“On time, a friend introduced me to his mom. They offered me a roof, food, bed… I turned 18 and they found me a job in a company that dispatches ships”, remember.

Now more curdled and mature, Denegri comes looking for a path in music and he assures that he sings about not underestimating anyone and about the problems of the neighborhood.

“I try to touch people’s hearts and remember others. I am humble and I live in a humble neighborhood, so I talk about that. I have been influenced by Charlie Puth, Los Aldeanos, Temperamento, Notorious B and Anuel”, points out.

He states that if he could tell the world one thing, it would be that “You don’t have to live so that the presence is noticed, but so that the absence is felt. I have many friends who are in heaven, that’s why I say that you have to make yourself loved in life “.

Grateful to everyone who lends a hand, Denegri promises that one day his name will sound beyond our borders and that will be due to the great support he received and his talent.

“For me, Monumental Music means the rescue of the neighborhood. Before our area was only known for the stigmas of crime, dangerousness, not as an artistic, cultural, tourist community, I feel proud”points out.

In the coming weeks he will release a new song “Travesuras” alongside Micheille Soifer. Meanwhile, her video clip “Don’t think about it so much” has been causing a sensation on social networks.

“Now my vision of the future has changed, I want other artists from Latin America to listen to us in all countries and to make music”, add.

Source: Elcomercio

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