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The excellent teen-drama “Euphoria”… A “Starstruck” romance

The excellent teen-drama “Euphoria”… A “Starstruck” romance

The excellent teen-drama “Euphoria”… A “Starstruck” romance

There is not only live in life, there is also replay. From YouTube and Netflix to TV channel replays and radio station podcasts, 20 minutes concocts for you every Sunday a list of things to see, or see again, to listen to or re-listen to.

Season 2 of “Euphoria”, still as sublime

Euphoria, created by Sam Levison, is one of those series that will mark history, such as Skins could do it in time. Season 1 touched on the sublime both in substance and in form, season 2, broadcast on MyCanal, retains its ultra-aesthetic look to sink deeper into the adolescent psyche. We find the very dark Rue, interpreted by Zendaya, who plunges back into narcotics, and the two plagues Cassie and Maddy who tear Nate, a magnified incarnation of toxic masculinity. The choral series carried by a stylized realization sucks its audience into a desperate atmosphere where the darkest human impulses collide. You never come out completely unscathed.

A Lighthearted Romance With “Starstruck” Season 2

We change register with season 2 of Starstruckcreated and performed by Rose Matafeo, on MyCanal. In this second burst of episodes, we find the stammering love story between Jessie, a somewhat lost Australian, and Tom, a film star on the rise. How to build a romantic relationship between a “normal” young girl and an international celebrity? Admittedly, season 2 does not bring much compared to the first, the story boils down to a classic “flee me I am you, follow me I am fleeing you”. Starstruck however, offers a skewer of tender and endearing characters that should appeal to rom-com lovers. Lightness and humor are at the rendezvous.

“Free from desire”, a podcast that delves into asexuality

Eight episodes produced by Paradiso Media to understand everything about asexuality. Aline Mayard, journalist and co-author of the book Gender explained to those who are lost (Buchet Chastel), recounts his own experience of sexuality in an attempt to provide keys to understanding the terms asexuality and aromantism, which are not taken seriously in a society that overvalues ​​sexual exploits. She questions sociologists, historians, sexologists, activists to deconstruct received ideas about the couple, love and desire. An educational and light podcast at the same time.

Source: 20minutes

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