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BTS: Five things you didn’t notice about the photos V shared on Instagram

btsthe boyband South Korean, continues to share photos of his indeterminate vacation. The Bangtan boys are very popular on the networks, especially on Instagram, after opening their personal accounts in 2021. Thanks to this, ARMY You can have more direct contact with your idols and learn how they spend their days away from the stage.

bangtan Characterized by the large amounts of content it shares with its fandom, the boyband produces digital comics, interviews, new music, osts for dramas, merchandising, and the band’s rumored next album is also among the future projects.

Even during the holiday season, BTS keeps coming up with new content for their fanbase. The content that the Bangtan boys offer on Instagram turns out to be more intimate, which is why they have obtained a massive number of followers and likes. V is one of the most popular and most followed K-pop idols or singers on the platform.

We share his latest publication, in which you can see different Taehyung outfits:

Just like the previous post, V shared a photo carousel with ARMY, here are some things you didn’t notice in the photos that will help you know how V is spending his free time:

BTS’s Kim Taehyung, also known as V, shared a series of photos, with ARMY, in compilation mode from his vacation. In the following paragraph we share the carousel of images:

ARMY made public their emotion after the photos of V and reiterated that the singer and his photos are the best qualified as “boyfriend photo material”. The publication was quickly popular and exceeded 12M likes, here we tell you what things you did not notice in V’s photos:

1) V’s friendships

Within the first photos of the carousel we can find one in which V is next to director Ray Yi, with whom he has previously worked in magazines and commercials. AV is known to be the most sociable member in the circle of celebrities, he is the member of BTS who knows more celebrities, according to the BTS guys themselves pointed out.

We can’t forget about the popular Wooga Squad made up of Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, Park Hyungsik, Peakboy, and V (BTS’s Kim Taehyung). One of the most well-known celebrity and friend groups in South Korea.

2) Music and vintage… vinyl!

As every ARMY knows, V is a big fan of music and more of vintage, his style gives him away. In the following photos, we can see that Tae visited a vinyl collection inside the Hyundai Card music library. The Stigma interpreter was exploring his favorite era of music, the 70’s.

Taehyung shared new photos on Instagram |  Via: @thv
Taehyung shared new photos on Instagram |  Via: @thv

3) Art cannot be missing

Like the other members of BTS, V is passionate about art in all its forms, so it’s no surprise that in his spare time he visited Hyundai Card’s exhibition, Toilet Paper: The studio.

Taehyung did not miss the opportunity to share photos of the works of art that he found in said exhibition:

Taehyung shared new photos on Instagram |  Via: @thv

4) PTD on stage in Seoul, the practices for the upcoming comeback

Although it is not certain that BTS will definitely return from their break after the PTD on stage concerts in Seoul, what is certain is that they will return to the stage for those three confirmed dates, and the other shows in Las Vegas. Also, the group has reported that it will attend the Grammys.

This series of events leads us to think that it may be one of the reasons why V is in the practice rooms of HYBE. Another assumption could be that he is continuing his saxophone classes, which we learned about thanks to BTS in the soop 2, can we assume that he could be preparing something special for ARMY in the next concerts? is always a possibility.

Taehyung shared new photos on Instagram |  Via: @thv

5) The peculiar message in V’s drink

The last image of the carousel shows us this drink with a peculiar message in “aegyo” that says: “Enjoy your drink”. It is likely that the singer has crossed paths with a BTS fan and/or they have recognized him in a bar or establishment.

Without a doubt, this person knew how to stand out without invading V’s privacy.

Taehyung shared new photos on Instagram |  Via: @thv

Source: Elcomercio

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