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BTS: Suga’s tender response to an ARMY’s love letter

btsthe grouping South Korean, cause a furor on the networks with each publication, new photo or status they publish. The Bangtan boys are more active than ever on social networks, their most powerful channel of communication with ARMY.

We cannot forget that Weverse is the official communication platform between BTS and their fandom, where young idols post, read and respond to messages from their fans around the world. Every day BTS’s mailbox and respective profile on Weverse is filled with multiple messages and greetings from ARMY, who hope to be the next person to draw their idol’s attention with their publication.

This is how on this occasion Suga responded to an extensive and adorable love letter from an ARMY. The peculiar message would have caught the attention of the rapper who did not hesitate to answer the young woman, what answer did she give him? What did she say in the letter? We tell you in the next paragraph.

The love letter of an ARMY for Suga

Suga is one of the most introverted members of BTS, her true personality and affection usually makes her notice very little or only when she is with the other members of the band, who have become part of her family. Contrary to this, when we talk about interviews or public spaces, Suga is usually not very affectionate or very open socially.

The producer and rapper is the oldest of the boyband and therefore, he is the most mature of them, although he does not lose his fun essence when the occasion calls for it, he can be sweet and fun. In this case, Yoongi (Suga’s birth name) responded to this adorable letter from an ARMY.

The letter posted via Weverse reads: “To: Yoongi

When they ask me what I like most about you, I answer EVERYTHING. Her smile is charming, her way of expressing her feelings through her lyrics is something that I feel touches my soul. Thank you for not giving up on life!

Today you are a winner, in every way, you are loved by many and I am so proud of you. Everything you do is amazing (…)

It has been my dream to meet you in person, I did not have the pleasure of following BTS from the beginning, it was only in 2017 that I fell in love with you. The first song I heard was DNA and then IDOL. It was love at first sight.”

This is only a fragment of the extensive letter, later the young woman points out that she wishes her the best, that she enjoys her music and reiterates how talented the members of BTS are. Closing the letter, she clarifies that she hopes to see Suga at the next concert, to which Suga replied, “See you soon, hehe! ♡”

Despite the shortness of the response, the message itself and the last hints like laughter and the heart emoji ended up convincing ARMY how adorable Suga’s response was. Considering that the rapper is not very open with his feelings, small gestures like these make a difference.

We share a fanmade video of a comic compilation of Suga having trouble expressing his feelings openly:

Source: Elcomercio

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