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Pablo López talks about Peru, Latin music and the history of his songs |  VIDEO

Pablo López talks about Peru, Latin music and the history of his songs | VIDEO

Pablo López talks about Peru, Latin music and the history of his songs |  VIDEO

Before taking a plane and crossing the pond -as they say in their native land-, Paul Lopez he searched his archives for a picture of his childhood and He shared it on his social networks. For him, knowing other countries with his music makes him put on “the child’s suit” and precisely with the illusion of a little one he arrived in Colombia, the first stop of what he plans to be a more continuous exchange with Latin America.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, when we spoke with the singer-songwriter during his visit to Bogotá, he said that he has very strong ties with Peru. “I have a special relationship with the country, for a personal matter that I’ll tell you about when I’m there, but I really want to go. There are many more things than you may think that bind me to Peru. Also, they have spoken very well to me and I am crazy to be there”, Said the artist who in 2023 will be 10 years since the release of his first album.


López’s career started in “Operación Triunfo”, a talent reality show that, although with several controversies in between, has been the showcase for some of the best-known Spanish singers of the last decade: from David Bisbal to Aitana and, for Of course, López, who also achieved something unusual for the former ‘triumphs’; earning the respect of his critics with songs that appeal to feelings and his virtuosity on the piano rather than to formulas that guarantee him a hit.

On the left, Pablo López in his "OT" days.  On the right, currently, as one of the most listened to musicians in Spain.  (Photo: Universal Music)

“ANDor I’m still an absolute, staunch and almost almost fundamentalist believer in songs. Any song is above the styles”, says the artist who, about his compositions, claims to find inspiration in his own experiences, although in the process he feeds on many other elements. “I always think that the spark of a song comes from something lived, that is painted as with charcoal on a canvas and then put the colors on it, that it does not have to be exactly as they were”, López explains, giving as an example what happened to him with “El patio”, a heartbreaking ballad that became one of his first successes as a composer.

The canvas for that song was put on me by an image that right now, unfortunately, is back in the news”, says the singer in reference to the photograph “A bathroom in Gaza”, by Wissam Nassar, in which a father bathes his daughter and niece, who remain happy despite adversity, after the bombings in the Strip from Gaza, in 2015.”I don’t want to say that ‘El patio’ is about that, but it is true that I was very afraid to turn off the child for my own war, if I may use the analogy”, adds the singer about a stage in which it was difficult for him to find himself in the midst of the success he experienced with his musical career. “I believe that the boy was out there, doing what he had always dreamed of, but he was imprisoned, chained, he was making a trade as a musician.”, Says the artist about a stage that now seems distant, because this trip alone has shown him how much he has grown as a person.

Wissam Nassar's photograph that inspired Pablo López's theme.

I think that if anything has taught me all this time that we have had to follow an established order, almost martial in terms of time, it is to have patience. Before traveling I said to myself: ‘you are going to go to Bogotá, to Colombia, don’t start investigating what you are going to do, where you are going to be, just enjoy yourself, try to breathe a little’. And so far it has gone very well.”, Lopez sentences.

Pablo Lopez.  (Photo: Universal Music Group)


  • Pablo López performed on February 26 in Bogotá, Colombia, as part of the Juanes concert at the Movistar Arena. The Spaniard has just confirmed four dates in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Querétaro and Puebla (Mexico).


Source: Elcomercio

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