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Director of ‘Utopia, the movie’, will shoot a film ‘Queens without a crown’ based on femicides that occurred in Peru

Lima, March 5, 2022Updated on 03/05/2022 04:53 pm

After the success and excellent reviews at international festivals of “Utopia, the film” and “Isolated, the series”, the director, screenwriter and journalist, Gino Tassaraconfirmed the filming of his new film: ‘Queens without a crown’, which begins this March 15 and will touch on the most notorious cases of femicide and aggression against women in Peru.

With the support of Sinargollas, the film will be directed by Tasara and the production will be in charge of Edith Tapia. This new film project began in 2016 as a micro-work for the Contest of Stories Against Violence against Women held by the Canadian Embassy and now it is finally coming to the big screen. The filming will feature a cast of luxury national actors and the participation of an international figure.

‘Queens without a crown’ was going to be my first film, but ‘Utopia…’ (which premiered with great acceptance on Netflix) beat it for life reasons. This project started as a micro play and then we started working on the script, due to the pandemic we had to rearrange some stories and everything is ready with the same production team, we have the entire cast and an international artist that we will announce soon”, commented the film director.

Like ‘Utopia, the movie’ and ‘Isolated, the series’, it is also based on real events from multiple cases of femicide in our country. The film deals with the fight against violence against women, letting them know that they are not alone and that there are many channels to denounceTassara said that he recently showed his indignation against the driver of “Hablando Huevadas”, Ricardo Mendoza, and his ridicule against a case of sexual abuse of a minor on a bus.

I spoke out against these guys because I don’t consider what they’re doing comedy, their show seems like a rude mess that hurts as a society. They have many people who like them, the worrying thing is that the people who criticized the traveling comedians and Laura Bozzo so much see these boys who seek easy laughter at the expense of people, bullying and vulgarity”, added the also host of the morning news of Cana N.

Source: Elcomercio

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