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Residente premieres a new song about colonization, “This is Not America”

Residente premieres a new song about colonization, “This is Not America”

Residente premieres a new song about colonization, “This is Not America”

Lima, March 17, 2022Updated on 03/17/2022 08:31 pm

Award-winning Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter Resident premiered this Thursday its first official single in more than a year and a half, “This is Not America”, which in the company of the Franco-Cuban twins Ibeyi addresses the history of colonization and slavery.

“This is Not America” ​​shares the message that all the cultures and countries of the American continent are one and urges “not to separate and create an evolution for unity,” according to a statement from the Sony Music company.

With this song and his video, Residente conveys his opinion and pain for what he considers to be the continental social division between North and South America on the part of the United States.

Directed by French director Gregory Ohrel, the video symbolically mixes different cultures, portraying indigenous children sitting on disposable objects of global capitalism and placing pre-Columbian monuments amid First World panoramas.

Residente is accompanied in this new production by the Ibeyi twins: Naomi Díaz on percussion and Lisa-Kaindé on choirs.

“This Is Not America” is related to a three-year-old Resident Project with professors from Yale University and New York University.

The experts studied the singer’s brain waves along with the brain patterns of worms, mice, monkeys and flies, among others, in order to create musical frequencies that would become rhythms.

For this song, Residente used his own brainwaves and those of worms to develop emphatic waves of electronica mixed with his rapping, Ibeyi’s voice, and Puerto Rican percussion.

The new song by René Pérez Joglar, Residente’s first name, comes shortly after the artist gave a lot to talk about after publishing a harsh “tiraera” against the Colombian J Balvin, whom he called “cowardly” and “racist”. (Source: EFE)

Source: Elcomercio

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