EntertainmentPlatinum Awards: the Peruvian “Ainbo, the Amazon Warrior” competes...

Platinum Awards: the Peruvian “Ainbo, the Amazon Warrior” competes for Best Animated Film


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The Platinum Awards for Ibero-American Cinema and Audiovisual They announced their finalists for its IX Edition this March 31 at the Madrid City Council. The presentation was in charge of Stephanie Cayo, Daniel Guzmán, Darío Yazbek, Edgar Vittorino, Luis Cobos and Rossy De Palma.

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Among the nominations, the Peruvian “Ainbo, the Amazon warrior” that competes in the Best Animated Film category. The feature film directed by José Zelada and Richard Claus shares the list with “Bob Cuspe: Nós Não like people” by Cesar Cabral (Brazil), “Salvar el Árbol (Zutk!)” by Haizea Pastor and Iker Álvarez (Spain) and “ Valentina” by Chelo Loureiro (Spain).

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Likewise, the Spanish film “El Buen Patron”, directed by Fernando León de Aranoa, is, with 11 nominations, the one that leads the options in the IX edition of the Ibero-American Film and Audiovisual Platino Awards, whose gala will be held next 1 May in Madrid.

In the television section, the Argentine series “El Reino”, by Marcelo Piñeyro and Claudia Piñeiro, has obtained six nominations, while the most nominated Spanish series is “Hierro”, with three, and they “sneak in” as candidates for best creator Alejandro Amenábar (“La Fortuna”) and Jorge Coira (“Iron”).

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Among the movie stars, the Spanish Ángela Molina for the Paraguayan film “Charlotte”, Blanca Portillo for “Maixabel”, Eduard Fernández for “Mediterráneo”, Javier Bardem for “El Buen Patron”, Luis Tosar for “Maixabel” and Penélope Cruz for “Parallel Mothers”, the Mexican Ilse Salas for “Plaza Catedral” and the Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro for “7 Prisioneiros”.

As leading performers in series, finalists are Candela Peña and Darío Grandinetti for “Hierro”, Chino Darín and Mercedes Morán for “El Reino”, Daniela Ramírez for “Isabel”, Diego Boneta for “Luis Miguel: La serie”, Javier Cámara for “ Venga Juan” and Maribel Verdú for “Ana Tramel. The game”.

In the presentation of the finalists, who announced Darío Yazbek, Stephanie Cayo, Luis Cobos, Daniel Guzmán, Rossy De Palma and Edgar Vittorino In the Madrid City Hall, Enrique Cerezo, president of the Platino Awards and of EGEDA, Miguel Ángel Benzal, CEO of EGEDA and of the Platino Awards, and Adrián Solar, president of FIPCA, were present.

In addition, the act was supported by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid; Marta Rivera de la Cruz, Minister of Culture of the Community of Madrid and Eduardo Fernández Palomares, Undersecretary of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The IX Platino gala, to be held at the Ifema Municipal Palace in Madrid, Presented by Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Lali Expósito, it will be broadcast on television channels throughout Ibero-America and on RTVE’s La 1.

In the list of candidates for Best Fiction Film, the Spanish “El Buen Patron”, “Madres Parales” and “Maixabel” start as nominees, and the Mexican “Night of Fire”, by Tatiana Huezo.

Among the fiction or documentary series, the list of finalists is made up of the Argentine “El Reino”, by Marcelo Piñeyro and Claudia Piñeiro, the Chilean “Isabel”, by Rodrigo Bazaes, and the Mexican “Luis Miguel: La serie”, by Daniel Krauze, and “Narcos: Mexico”, by Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato and Doug Miro.

The award for best supporting actor will be decided between the Chilean Alfredo Castro, for the Argentine film “Karnawal”; Christian Malheiros, for “7 Prisioneiros”, Manolo Solo for “El Buen Patron” and Urko Olazabal for “Maixabel, and in the female category Aitana Sánchez-Gijón and Milena Smit will compete, both for “Parallel Mothers”, Almudena Amor for “El good boss” and Ana Cristina Ordóñez González for “Night of fire”.

In addition, Alberto San Juan for “Kings of the Night”, Enric Auquer for “Perfect Life”, Joaquín Furriel for “El Reino” and Karra Elejalde for “La Fortuna”, and in the female part, opt for this same category in series. María Pujalte (“Come Juan”), Najwa Nimri (“The paper house”), Nancy Dupláa (“The kingdom”) or Rosa María Bianchi (“Monarch”). For best documentary, “100 days with Tata” compete. by Miguel Ángel Muñoz, “A Última Floresta”, by Luiz Bolognesi, “Quien lo imposible”, by Jonás Trueba, and “Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It”, by Mariem Pérez Riera.

For its part, the Platinum for Best First Film will be decided between the Costa Rican “Clara Sola”, by Nathalie Álvarez Mesén, “Karnawal”, by the Colombian Juan Pablo Félix, “Libertad”, by the Catalan Clara Roquet, and “Sin señas particulares”. ”, by the Mexican Fernanda Valadez.

Abner Benaim (“Plaza Catedral”), León de Aranoa (“The good boss”), Henrique Dos Santos and Aly Muritiba (“Private Desert”) and Icíar Bollaín and Isa Campo (“Maixabel”) compete for best screenplay, and better original music Alberto Iglesias (“Parallel Mothers”), César López (“Memoria”), Kenji Kishi Leopo (“The Wolves”) and Zeltia Montes (“The Good Boss”).

For the award for Cinema and Education in Values, “Los lobos”, by Samuel Kishi, “Maixabel”, “Mediterráneo”, by Marcel Barrena, and “Yo nena, yo princess”, by Federico Palazzo, will compete. The nominees were chosen by a 135-member jury from 22 countries.

Source: Elcomercio

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