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After the controversy over Marine Le Pen, Delphine Wespiser makes a final decision

Delphine Wespiser throws in the towel. The columnist of Do not touch My TV, excluded from the show (until the end of the second round of the presidential election) after having defended Marine Le Pen, took a radical decision: she will never talk about politics again. A choice she announced on her Instagram account, sharing a video of the show this Wednesday. Cyril Hanouna has indeed found the parade to have her on her set despite everything: she was “invited” and not a columnist to better control the calculation of the speaking time of the candidates and their respective supporters. What greatly relativizes the “censorship” of which Delphine Wespiser considers herself a victim.

“Like the Mockingjay in this #hungergames2022 I am only the spokesperson for the French who are disappointed and felt helpless. Thank you to those who understood my pure intentions and damage to those who heard what they wanted to hear. After this whirlwind in which my sincerity carried me away. I understood the lesson: No more politics, even if it’s for the good of those I love. A question that will remain unanswered: Is Courage a quality or a defect? “, she posted, adding, in story, a photo of Jennifer Lawrence in her costume of The Hunger Games.


A decision that has earned him many messages of congratulations, including another ex-Miss France, Marine Lorphelin, who expressed his support in the comments. ” A quality. I respect you enormously for your courage to say what you think (after we agree or not, that’s not the debate 😉 ). And your defense is very fair. In short, don’t let yourself be destroyed by the criticisms & opinions of others. You are stronger than that,” she wrote.

Delphine Wespiser does not seem determined to be defeated in any case, since she also posted a photo of a flowering tree, apparently taken in her garden. “The welcome of my trees,” she wrote in the caption.

Source: 20minutes

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