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Why the character of Claire is the great success of this season 2

Season 2 ofIn therapy takes a lot more liberties with the original Israeli format, BeTipul.In therapy is the best example of a good adaptation, in that you take it to a new context and plant it in a new culture and new traumas”, hails Hagai Levi, the creator of BeTipul and executive producer of the French version, that 20 minutes met at the Series Mania forum. Even more than a transposition, season 2 ofIn Therapy, broadcast every Thursday at 8:55 p.m. on Arte and available on, completely revisits a score, that between Dr Dayan, played by Frédéric Pierrot, and his supervisor. Exit Esther, camped by Carole Bouquet in season 1, the French adaptation signed Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, stages a “character who has completely changed”, underlines screenwriter Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat, during a round table in Paris , Claire, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. Focus on the creation of this new character.

“Eric and Olivier were afraid that in the second season between Dayan and his supervisor, the same score would be played out as in the first season”, explains Emmanuel Finkiel, who co-wrote and directed the “Friday” episodes, where Dr Dayan consults his new supervisor, that 20 minutes met at Series Mania. In season 1, Dr. Dayan went to see Esther “a longtime friend, an accomplice. We felt that there were pans and corpses between them, even an old seduction which never succeeded”, summarizes the director.

“A younger woman creates a new conflict”

In season 2, Philippe Dayan comes to consult for the needs of his trial Claire Brunet, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, who published a bestselling book during confinement. “At first, he’s going to see her for the wrong reason. He is not fooled by that, ”says Frédéric Pierrot. “Going to see a female therapist is one thing, a younger woman creates a new conflict. It’s even more difficult for her to gain his trust and respect, which is always a good driving force, a dramatic driving force,” comments Hagai Levi.

“He arrives with a hint of curiosity because Claire has had great editorial success. Little by little, there is a real listening, something flows between the two very naturally. There are obvious resonances between them like two musicians trying to vibrate together,” explains Frédéric Pierrot. “The reasons why he comes to see her, and this strangely aggressive behavior, turn out to be resistance, the same type of resistance that we all have when we feel that we are going to have to dig into our history and that it hurts, ”continues Emmanuel Finkiel.

“We took the gamble of a twin relationship”

The episodes of the sessions between Claire and Dr. Dayan are the ones that required the most work in terms of writing. “Initially, we had underestimated the immense work that it would require”, confesses Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat.

If there are “natural threads to be drawn”, such as “Dayan’s legal case”, “Dr. Dayan’s analytical story” or even “the love affair with Rebecca”, as Emmanuel Finkiel points out, it had to determine the nature of the relationship between Claire and Dayan. “We did not want to go into the field of seduction. It wouldn’t have been uninteresting, because it’s part of the transfer, but it was expected. We took the gamble of a twin relationship, ”says the director and screenwriter.

Insightful, always on point, Claire also owes a lot to her interpreter Charlotte Gainsbourg. “I could do anything for her,” enthused Hagai Levi. “Meeting Charlotte, the fact that she is who she is as an actress, determined Claire’s character as a whole, and therefore Dayan’s cure”, continues Emmanuel Finkiel. And to add: “Claire has a certain authority and despite everything a thickness, a complexity, undoubtedly also a little fragility. »

“I was afraid of being only an ear for the character of Philippe”

“At the start, I was afraid of being just an ear for the character of Philippe, and then in fact, I realized that Emmanuel wanted to create a character, to create a story for him”, says the actress. in a video presentation of the character of Claire. “Charlotte was not convinced of being able to have the density to fill the character of a shrink who has great authority over the hero Dayan, explains Emmanuel Finkiel. His costume illustrates this. We made a uniform, Dayan picks it up. »

In the end, “this way she has of listening, and of sorting through what she hears, and of making people feel that certain things, not reaching her, but echoing something in her” means that the relationship between Dayan and Claire one of the great successes of this season 2. On the screen, it is also the meeting between two immense actors. “We shot the episodes in order. As the relationship between Dr. Dayan and Claire evolved, it changed the relationship between Charlotte and Frédéric, their presence with each other and their way of playing opposite each other,” says the director.

Source: 20minutes

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