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Bizarrap and Paulo Londra: where, what time and how to listen to the new song “Session 23″

Bizarrap and Paulo Londra: where, what time and how to listen to the new song “Session 23″

Bizarrap and Paulo Londra: where, what time and how to listen to the new song “Session 23″

The singer Paulo Londra has not ceased to be in the midst of speculation since he decided to return to music on March 23. Exactly one month has passed and Paulo Londra continues to make news and this time for his feat with Bizarrap.

A theme that until now had not seen the light and that was part of BZRP Music Session number 23, which has finally been published on the Argentine producer’s Spotify account.

This lost session was recorded with his Argentine patriot and little or nothing was known about this duet between the two artists.

Why did this ad generate so much interest?

It happens that in the year 2020, Bizarrap presented sessions 22 with Lalo Ebratt and 24 with Dani. However, session 23 was left blank and for this reason, many called it the lost session.

At the time it began to be speculated that session number 23 was a collaboration with Londra but this material was never heard of again until now.

Last Saturday, Bizarrap confirmed the open secret and did so through his social network on Instagram, which blew up everything with the announcement. “We are ready”, It was the brief messages that immediately accumulated more than 1.4 million likes and 23 million comments from his fans who did not give credit to this new duet.

“The quilombo was armed, huh? Many theories, a lot of time passed. I’m nervous, I have a lot of emotions together, I’m also excited that 23 is finally coming out. I didn’t even know when to release it or anything, it even gave me a bit of trouble to release it because waiting for so long for it to come out became something very strange for me ”Bizarre said.

Where, what time and how to listen to Session 23 of Bizarrap and Paulo Londra

Now you can hear the Session 23 of Bizarrap and Paulo Londra, through the Spotify platform.

While on YouTube a technical issue is being resolved to upload the long-awaited session 23.

Why was Session 23 delayed?

This session between Bizarrap and Paulo Londra was delayed because Paulo was in a legal dispute with Big Leagues, the Argentine’s former production company.

At the time the session could not be held but Paulo asked Bizarrap to separate number 23 for him.

Finally, session 23 took place when Paulo Londra signed a contract with Warner Music Latina, on March 10, thus beginning a new stage in his career that brought with it the lost session.

Paulo Londra: 23 is his favorite number

Paulo Londra has 23 as his favorite number and it is no coincidence that session 23 has been chosen by Paulo to perform his feat with Bizarrap, as this is the Argentine singer’s favorite number, which has been used countless times throughout his career. race.

It is no coincidence that on March 23, Paulo londra decided to return to music. While in the video clip of his song “Plan A”, he plays a basketball player who wears the 23 jersey.

It is known that Paulo Londra is a number one fan of basketball player Michael Jordan, who wore this number with the Chicago Bulls.

Source: Elcomercio

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