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Melissa Klug shares a romantic photo session with her boyfriend Jesús Barco

The Chalaca businesswoman and influencer, Melissa Klug, continues to go from strength to strength with her romance with the Sport Boys soccer player, Jesús Barco, with whom she has been in a relationship for a year and a half.

The couple recently had a romantic countryside-themed photo shoot. A few days ago, Jesús Barco posted a photograph where he poses with Melissa Klug and in which he is seen very much in love with Jefferson Farfán’s ex.

“You do not know the disorder of emotions that your smile causes me”, The footballer wrote at the bottom of the photo, receiving countless comments and likes through his Instagram account.

Now, Melissa Klug did the same and shared an image where she is seen holding hands with Jesús Barco.

“That what has to happen, happen with you. Forever Jesus Barco the chalaca wrote at the bottom of the photo taken in the Pantanos de Villa.

However, the criticism was against the couple because, last February, they had a strong fight that almost ended the romance. Since then, both promised that they would not publish their romance again and that they would keep it completely private. For this reason, the comments were immediate and the users reminded them of this promise that they made but that it seems they will not fulfill.

In this way, the couple, who are 13 years apart, were more in love than ever and about to fulfill their next dream, which is to reach the altar.

Source: Elcomercio

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