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Anuel AA in Lima: Dekko will be the opening act for the concert


Colombian singer-songwriter Dekko is the one chosen to open the concert that Anuel AA It will take place on May 21 at the Arena Peru.


Dekko, who was a boom on digital platforms with his hit “1 2 x 3″, visited our country on a promotional tour a few months ago, becoming an event among his thousands of fans.

Today he has been consolidating his career with the single “Kelede” which is a song with a clear message of love and has achieved more than 8.5 million views on YouTube and no less than 4 million on Spotify. Also, she recently released “Bff”, an acoustic single that has been rising on digital platforms.

As for Anuel, who is coming as part of his “Legends Never Die” tour, it has been confirmed that he will arrive in Lima on a private flight from Argentina and possibly in the company of his girlfriend, the Dominican Yailin. His team will do it days before to finalize technical details in the concert venue.


Tickets are on sale on the Teleticket digital platform from s/.144.50 Vip, s/.246.50 Super Vip., and s/.382.50 Platinum.

Source: Elcomercio



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