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Melissa Klug reveals why her favorite son is the one she has with Jefferson Farfán


The chalaca influencer, Melissa Klug, chatted through his social networks with his more than two and a half million followers. The beautiful mother of the family opened the question box on Instagram.

“Let’s see then, what do you want to know?”Melissa Klug wrote and immediately received innumerable questions asking about her daily life, her romance with the Sport Boys soccer player, Jesús Barco, as well as her relationship with her five children.

One of the questions that attracted the most attention and that Melissa Klug dared to answer was the following: “Which of your children is the favorite? Do not lie”.

At first, Melissa Klug pointed out that all her children are her favorites but that, suddenly, she has a certain inclination for the youngest of her children, Jeremy, the result of her relationship with the Peruvian national team and Alianza Lima soccer player, Jefferson Farfan.

“It’s not that he’s my favorite because they all are, simply because he’s the smallest of all his siblings and everyone here at home makes him more conceited”Melissa Klug responded by placing some hearts and emojis in love next to the photograph of the little boy who is very similar to his famous father.

Melissa Klug was also encouraged to tell private details of her other son with the ’10 of the street’, Adriano. “How are you doing with the changes of being a teenager with Adriano?”, They asked her and Melissa answered like this: “At first it was super complicated, but now we are on the right track, we are doing well”.


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