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Manolo Cardona: “Peru is a country that has given many things to my career”


More than 10 years have passed since Colombian Manolo Cardona learned Peruvian slang to star in “Contracorriente” (2009) alongside Tatiana Astengo and Cristian Mercado. The 16 awards at international film festivals, such as Sundance and Pink Apple (the largest LGBT-themed), brought new opportunities to the Colombian actor in the middle of his career. Today the artist has an important place within the group of Latin actors that triumphs in the international streaming spherebut he does not forget his past and, in dialogue with “Skip Intro” from El Comercio, he described the Peruvian film as “a jewel”.

The former face of popular television productions, such as “El cartel de los sapos” (2008-2010) and “Without tits there is no paradise” (2012-2016), continues his path in the new and profitable category of entertainment, streaming. But always hand in hand with Latin stars, including a well-known Peruvian beyond our borders. “Speaking of my great friend Stephanie Cayo, we just finished Netflix’s ‘Amalgama’, and we are planning another movie together,” Cardona alerted, almost with a wink, although she put more information on hold.

“Peru is a country that I adore, that has brought me many things to my career. ‘Contracorriente’ brought me many things as an actor and as a person. The connection with Peru continues and I hope to shoot there soon. I’ll be there. A hug and a kiss to everyone in Peru always, I love you very much”, said Cardona to “Skip Intro” during a press conference for the premiere of the Apple TV+ series, “Now and Then”, in which he stars alongside Rosie Perez (United States-Puerto Rico), Marina de Tavira (Mexico), José María Yazpik (Mexico), Maribel Verdú (Spain), Soledad Villamil (Argentina), among other Hispanic actors.

“Now And Then”

The stars of the Apple TV+ thriller “Now and Then” enjoyed being the best of friends while filming. In their dialogues, they read the story of a group of teenagers who make a momentous decision when their partner dies in an accident. During filming in Miami, the cast met in the hotel rooms where he was staying. They shared so much together that they were therapeutic days for the cast of the adult characters, who played their role in continuous coordination with the younger actors, Alicia Jaziz (“Ungovernable”), Dario Yazbek Bernal (“The House of Flowers”), Alicia Sanza (“El Cid”), Jack Duarte (“Rebelde”, “Ungovernable”) and Miranda de la Serna (“Witch”).

“Very cleverly, the production called in various talents from different countries to help them tell this wonderful story, and I think it’s part of the future. You have to make this type of content where cultures are mixed. Let’s hope that “Now and Then” does very well so that it can be like a spearhead in this multicultural, multi-Hispanic and global union as well. I think it’s a great bet that hopefully will be the first of many,” Manolo Cardona told the media.

“It’s a new world for us (actors and actresses)”, the Spanish Maribel Verdú -part of the cast of “Now and Then”- comments to El Comercio about the new streaming scene, a future of the television format but with various hints of cinematic style. The artist, known for being a multi-award-winning face of Spanish cinema and television, made the great leap to the international scene in the last year, for example, with “The Flash” (2023). The DCU tape is the major film project in which she has participated recently. In addition, another opportunity arose for her with Apple TV +, “Raymond and Ray”, the comedy in which she stars alongside Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke.

“I have never had a professional ambition of wanting to get to such a place. I simply like to take small steps and enjoy each project, because I get really into it (a lot) and I am very enthusiastic in my life. All I want is for the alarm clock to ring in the morning and to know that I’m going to be happy during the day. What has “Now and Then” meant to me? Illusion of new projects. It doesn’t matter if they are in Virginia, London or Miami. What I like is being accompanied on stage. For this reason, my first question when a script appears is ‘who is going to be my partner’, because I don’t work alone, but with the reply that the actor gives me in front of me. Depending on that, I’m going to be fine, great or I’m going to comply. That is what matters most to me,” Verdú told El Comercio.

But for Soledad Villamil, who plays Daniela, one of the key characters of the Apple TV + series in the adult version, it was rather the opportunity, it was a salvation. “It came in the pandemic, a super difficult moment where we did not know very well how the world was doing. It will remain in my biography as the project that rescued me from a feeling of great uncertainty and anguish of thinking about what is going to happen to our work, the theater, the shows, the music. What is my life going to become, I wondered. “Now and Then” was the rescue of that, knowing that in 2020 there was going to be a series,” Soledad Villamil told El Comercio.

Other actors, such as José María Yazpik, saw their role in the Apple TV+ series as a change of clothes, a way of showing a different look to the public. “Chema”, as he is known in the Mexican media, is the favorite of the followers of the black series on drug trafficking, such as “Narcos México”. Many remember him for the iconic character always on the edge of the law, The Lord of the Skies. This, although popular, does not surpass the role of Pedro Cruz, the character of “Now and Then” who sustains the plot and surprises because of his complex vulnerability and the conflict of a sexual orientation as an obstacle to his political aspirations.

“It was very exciting to do this for me, because it is diametrically opposed to what I had done before. But I’ve thought about it, I don’t know how the public will take it. When you make a character that has been successful, like him (The Lord of the Skies), many people tell you no, that they want to see you shooting and talking like you used to. ‘And I will not accept that you are now a fragile person!’ And others will say: ‘ah, look, the guy can do both’. I would love for them to receive it as it is, and forget where I come from. But, yes, that is an unknown that I have on the surface”, Yazpik confesses to El Comercio during the second press conference for “Now and Then”.




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