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Jason Momoa reassures his fans after posting a photo of himself having an MRI

Earlier this week, Jason Momoa posted a photo of himself ready to undergo an MRI. “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. Aloha J and thank you to my family and friends,” the star wrote.Aquaman in the caption of his publication, causing the passage the concern of his fans, but also of many of his famous friends.

“Oh no,” wrote Gal Gadot in the comments, while Pablo Schreiber, the actor of candy, hastened to ask the actor if everything was fine. And indeed, everything is fine, as assured by a source close to Peoplestating that it was a preventive MRI.

No longer very young

Last March, Jason Momoa announced that he had been operated on for a hernia on the eve of the Oscars ceremony.

“I have glasses because I have to present prizes and I can’t see well from afar (…) But I also had a hernia operation yesterday (…) By dint of throwing guys all over the place, I’m getting old, buddy, “he said on the red carpet of the prestigious ceremony, a few weeks after finishing the filming ofAquaman 2 which, it seems, gave him a hard time.

Source: 20minutes

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