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Camila Cabello gets angry at football fans who booed her at the Stade de France

Are European football fans ready for American-style shows and vice versa? Not sure, based on the public reaction to Camila Cabello’s performance to kick off the Champions League final and the star’s response. The Cuban-born singer had planned a spectacular show with a medley of her hits (Havana, senoritaor Bam Bam) featuring pyrotechnics and dozens of male and female dancers in colorful outfits, but the audience didn’t seem particularly receptive to his performance. Whistled, the singer saw her voice covered several times by the spectators of Liverpool and Real Madrid, who shouted their support for their team.

An embarrassing moment for the star, who did not hesitate to complain about it, just after leaving the stage.

“Replaying our performance, I can’t believe people were singing their team anthem so loudly during our performance. My team and I have worked tirelessly for so long to bring good vibes and put on a good show (…) It’s very rude but whatever. I’M GLAD YOU LIKED IT!!!!! “, she posted on Twitter, before deleting her two messages.

passionate fans

Supported by some of her admirers, the singer was however challenged by a number of Internet users, who tried to explain to her that “European fans are passionate about their football club. It’s their whole life, ”as relayed by Page Six. In addition, with the overflows around the stadium, the supporters saw the match delayed by more than 30 minutes. No wonder, then, that the performance of the popstar was not their priority, those who had come to see the sport.

Anyway, Camila Cabello didn’t seem to hold it against the fans, as she later appeared in a series of photos where we see her particularly excited to attend the match. “I’m waiting for the GOOOAAAAAAAL”, she posted in the caption of the shots where we see her take the laid in front of the bustling stadium.

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0.

Source: 20minutes

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