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Stéphane Plaza reveals his sexual orientation… Cardi B films a sinking yacht…

May 30, 2022

Snoop Dogg cancels his concerts outside the United States

Snoop Dogg has let his international fans know that he has had to cancel all of his scheduled dates outside the United States for the remainder of 2022, due to “scheduling conflicts involving family obligations and plans. televised”.

However, as he explains in his press release, published on Instagram, he is “looking forward to finding a new date for these concerts”.

Tickets purchased will be refundable.

Cardi B films a sinking yacht

Stéphane Plaza reveals his sexual orientation

The sexual orientation of Stéphane Plaza has been at the heart of many debates for years, the most famous real estate agent in France having never poured out his love life, nor displayed on anyone’s arm.
And if this question and its importance for some seem totally far-fetched for him, Stéphane Plaza has agreed to reveal his sexual orientation to the Sunday newspaper.

“I find it crazy that people ask this kind of question about me. Well, I say it for the first time: I am heterosexual. Here it is,” he revealed.

Source: 20minutes

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